Aaruush Educates 4.0

Aaruush, along with its array of technical events encompasses an essence of social responsibility with it through Aaruush Educates. Aaruush Educates 4.0 is an effort of the Aaruush team towards the upliftment of the indigent and underprivileged by providing them with an opportunity to empower themselves through education. Through this initiative the event has been aimed at providing a pragmatic approach on every-day learning and basic technical skills, safety rules and environmental sciences.

The event Aaruush Educates, was held from 20-21 of August 2016, in the Biotech seminar hall. Children from Maranatha Arche children, were called for the first day and for the second day Women from Care India were invited.

On the first day, 53 children from Maranatha Arche children with two representatives from the institution participated in the event. Dr. A. Rathinam (Convener, Aaruush) and Jawahar Philims (Asst. Professor, School of Management) graced the event with their presence. Children were taught about a wide variety of things such as Road Safety, First Aid and Environmental sciences. The children were also escorted to the computer labs in Tech Park Building to be taught about the basics of Computers and its applications. With the motive of making Educates- a platform for “learning with fun”, we also had games and other activities planned for children which were highly appreciated by the institution and enjoyed thoroughly by the children. At last the children were sent off with loaded minds, happy memories and goodie bags.

Aaruush Educates 4.0 tried to expand the horizons for the initiative this year by including women empowerment through education as one of its prime goals. In collaboration with Care India NGO, Educates welcomed a group of 25 women into the campus for the second day of Aaruush Educates 4.0. The event was preceded by the Care India representative, Mr. Murali. The event was centered on problems faced by women in our society. There were programs to help create awareness about women’s rights and how to seek for help, if required. Skits, Videos and lectures were the prime elements of the event which were followed by songs, dances and fun activities to keep the joyous mood of the event intact. It also included a hands-on session on computer to help them get acquainted with the modern technology. The women were happy with the hospitality and knowledge provided during the event and expressed the wish to participate in such an initiative in future as well.


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