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Mess Rules

  • Once a student joins the hostel, he / she is deemed to have become a member of the mess until he / she vacates the hostel officially
  • No change of mess is permissible
  • The mess is run by the management
  • Strict discipline should be maintained in the dining hall
  • Menu will be displayed on the notice board. Changes can be made based on the decision of mess committee.
  • Day scholars will not be entertained as guests in the mess
  • Inmates can entertain their parents as guests on prior information to the hostel authorities. The guest rate is Rs.50/- for breakfast, Rs. 80/- for lunch and dinner respectively. For special lunch/dinner the rate is Rs. 100/-.
  • Food will not be served in rooms and the inmates are not supposed to take food to their rooms. If an inmate is ill, the deputy warden will make suitable arrangements.
  • The inmates should not enter the kitchen
  • Wasting food is a crime. No diner shall waste food. Paying mess bill does not entitle a diner to waste food. If any student is found wasting food he / she will be fined Rs 500/- for the first time. If the same student is found repeating the same mistake he / she will be expelled from the hostel.
  • The system of self service will be followed in all the mess
  • The quantity of food will be unlimited except in the case of special items
  • All diners shall produce ID card and Mess card to dine every time in the mess
  • Unauthorized people and non hostelers seen in the dining hall without receipts of payment will be charged a fine of Rs.2000/-