As future engineers our students have a vital role to play in the effective functioning of an industry, and in ensuring both personal and worker safety.

In order to get the students exposed to safety procedures and the techniques involved in fire fighting. The SME along with support of the Tamil Nadu Fire and rescue services exhibited a live demonstration and guest a brief lecture on fire fighting.

The students participated with great zeal and were very much interested in learning the sills involved in it.


Guest Lectures

S.Prabhu, Asst. Manager, Design Tech System Pvt Ltd delivered a guest lecture on the topic, “Advanced Analysis Software- Hyper Works and it Applications” for the second year students on March 4, 2014 from 9.30 to 11.30 AM.

C.K.Jayaraman, Director, ASLV, ISRO delivered a guest lecture on ‘Advanced Missile System (AGNI-5)’ for the fourth year students on March 17, 2014 from 11.30 AM to 12.30 PM


The society of Mechanical Engineering the eminent organize operating under the Department of Mechanical Engineering have organized a fire drill on 8-04-2011 concerning factory fire fighting.

The society of Mechanical Engineering a guest lecture in production techniques on 08-04-2011.

Mr. Chandramouli, GM operations Steels India Pvt Ltd. A guest lecture on the production techniques involved in the modern manufacturing sector.

The lecture was related to the field of Mechanical Engineering and the current procedures involved in manufacturing industries.

The present advanced techniques involved in commercial production.

The lecture was very useful and information to our students and the programme proved to be a good success.


The students of mechanical engineering of SRM University in association with the college NSS unit and Government Blood Bank, Egmore organized a blood donation camp on 25-03-2011. In order to spread the awareness and importance of blood donation among public and among fellow students, the students of mechanical engineering under the guidance of the organization called NSS coordinated the blood donation camp using the facilities of the campus hospital.

The camp was inaugurated by Mr. Vishwakumar, the director in the presence of Mr. Antony Michel Raj and all the heads of the department were present .

The noble gesture of our department students were expressed during the event. The student volunteers of our department were keen on guiding and helping the blood donors during the entire event.

The event was a grand success with more than 200 donors which include the students and faculties of our campus.