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SRM Medical College Hospital and Research Centre
SRM Medical College Hospital and Research Centre (SRM MCHRC) offers a plethora of opportunities to climb the career ladder as well as to change this world to better healthier providing the sophisticated treatment.  With an annual intake of 150 students, the medical college commenced in 2005. The facility of collaborative research in SRM Medical College and Hospital Campus is the focal point availing to the proximity to other institutions at the University.

Dental College and Hospital
Having the high ambition of health-oriented teaching and conventional medical treatments that emphasize the prevention of oral diseases, SRM Dental College and Hospital consists of various departments such as Dental Surgery, Community Dentistry, Oral Pathology and more. 

Health Sciences
The overall goal of Health Science department is the improvement of human and animal health through scientific research. SRM Medical College and Hospital holds various well equipped departments and also trains and prepares skillful medical personnel. 

Other Courses Offered
Other courses such as Clinical Psychology, Optometry, BASLP, Imaging Technology, Dialysis Technician Training and Laboratory Technician Training are also offered at SRM university.