Hostel Fees


Hostel Fee Structure for Academic Year 2017-18

Domestic Hostels

Non AC Hostels

 Room Details   Non Ac with Washroom    Non AC Without Washroom    Non AC Big Room  Non AC Big Room
 (6 Sharing) without washroom   (8 Sharing) without washroom 
Total amount  Boys   Girls   Boys   Girls   Boys Only   Boys Only  
56,500 56,500 44,500 44,500 34,500 29,500

AC Hostels

Room Details   AC Without Washroom    AC With Washroom
Total Amount D,E,F,& K Block Top Floor Girls Only    Sannasi Block  Nelson Mandela Block 
124,500  134,500 154,500


  •  All rooms are on 3 sharing basis, unless otherwise specified.
  • No refund is permitted during the middle of the course unless the candidate withdraws.
  • Domestic hostel rates given above include admission fees, room rent, amenities fees, electrical charges and games & entertainment fees only.
  • Messing charges are not included above and are fixed Rs.53,000/- per academic year for domestic hostels.
  • Laundry facility through hostels administration has been discontinued and the charges are not included in the above. Students will do the same under own arrangements through local market/vendors directly, if required.
  • Refund is not permitted if the student is expelled from the hostel.
  • Cancellation charges for hostels will be as per rules. (Rs 5000/- If cancellation is done before 01st June 2017). Refund will be made up to a period of 20 days.
  • SAP –Students one semester mess fees refund may be permitted if selected for any campus abroad.