Where is SRM?
SRM is near Chennai, Tamil Nadu, around 1/2 hour drive from Chennai airport.
How do I get to SRM?
SRM is near Chennai, Tamil Nadu, around 1/2 hour drive from Chennai airport
What are the programs offered by SRM University?
SRM University offers undergraduate, post graduate and Doctoral programs in Engineering, Architecture, Management, Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Nursing, Allied Health Sciences, Science and Humanities, Hotel and Catering Management, Film Technology, etc totaling 95 undergraduate programs, 78 master programs. For more details
What is the medium of instruction?
Who can apply?
NRI/PIO/OCI and foreign nationals can apply under the international student admission category.
When do I apply?
Candidates can start applying from 1st of October every year.
How to apply and from where do I get the application?
Candidates can apply to any of the programs offered by SRM University in any one of
the three modes:
  • Apply online, using credit / debit card, paying the fee of  USD 50/- or INR 3000/-
  • Download. Fill application details online, download and courier to us along with the fee of INR 3000/-  banker draft (DD) / NRI cheque in the name of “SRMIST” payable at Chennai. DD/NRI cheque will be accepted only in INR. 
  • Application can be obtained from Office of International Relations on payment of  fee of INR 3000/-  banker draft (DD) / NRI cheque. Complete filling application and courier to us. DD/NRI cheque towards application fee will be accepted only in INR.
When is the last date to submit the application?
15th Aug, 2016 Last date for receipt of filled-in application
15th Aug, 2016 Last date for receipt of all necessary documents including Mark/ Grade Sheets for programs in Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Science and Humanities and Management
15th Aug, 2016 Last date for receipt of all necessary documents including Mark/ Grade Sheets for programs in Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
30th May, 2016 and 30thSep, 2016 For admission to PhD in August and January respectively
Do you have Student Information Centers who can provide direct information?
Yes. You can reach out to our network of Student Information Centres across Middle East, Africa and Asia. 
For details you can mail us at:  admissions.ir@srmuniv.ac.in or call +91 44 4743 7500 / +91 44 2745 5510
Do you have a sponsored quota?

Yes, NRI sponsored quota is available. But NRI Sponsored candidate will get the last priority over the foreign and NRI candidates.

Who can sponsor?
Only parents or blood relatives can sponsor
What is the total number of seats for foreign/NRI quota?
 Generally 15% of the total seats is reserved for foreign/ NRI quota.
Is there any entrance exam?

No. There is no entrance examination for NRI and foreign candidates. Undergraduate Admissions is based on merit as per the grades/ marks obtained in physics, chemistry and biology/mathematics in the 10+2 or equivalent examination and on first come first serve basis, provided the student meets the eligibility requirements.

Once I apply what will happen?

Once you send in your application along with the required documents, we will register it and an application number will be allotted to you. If the application is complete and found eligible, a provisional admission letter will be sent to you. In this letter we will let you know as to when we will be offering the admission letters or if If your application is incomplete, we will write to you requesting to submit the pending documents / information.

Does SRM accept qualifying examinations conducted by other internationally recognized boards?

Yes. Apart from Indian Boards like CBSE, SRM accepts degree / diploma awarded by Edexcel, Cambridge/Singapore, IGCSE, IB, STPM,WASSCE, HSC, NCEA Level 3, American High School Diploma, etc that are recognized equivalent of 10 + 2 qualification of India.

How can I know whether my qualification is equivalent to 10 + 2 qualification of India?

Contact Office of International Relations of SRM University or refer Association of Indian Universities (AIU), New Delhi.

What are the eligibility requirements for admission?
What are the eligibility requirements for students holding 'O' Level and 'A' Level qualification?

For MBBS and BDS you must have taken Physics, Chemistry , Biology and English at ‘A’ Level besides FIVE passes in ‘O’ Level. Passing of these courses at ‘O’ Level or ‘AS’ Level alone will not be considered as adequate.
For other programs, FIVE ‘O’ Level passes and TWO ‘A’ Level passes OR FOUR ‘O’ Level passes and THREE ‘A’ Level passes are considered equivalent to 10 + 2 qualification and can be considered for admission if the student has taken appropriate courses that will meet the eligibility requirements for the individual program.

What are the eligibility requirements for students holding High School Diploma from USA or Canada?

In USA and Canada, the student has an option to take Physics, Chemistry, and Biology anytime during the 9th Grade to 12th Grade. Since the course content and the scope is same irrespective of whether the courses are opted in 9th Grade, 10th Grade, 11th Grade or 12th Grade, the student who has taken science courses during 9th Grade to 12th Grade is considered equivalent to 12th Grade level and is eligible for applying to any Engineering or Medical undergraduate program.

Do you have any agents through whom we can apply?

SRM University has a network of authorized Student Information Centers to promote the university for the limited purpose of international admissions for the academic year 2015 – 2016. Please visit our website for further info.

Whom should I contact for details regarding admission?

For International admissions please contact:

The Counselor (Admissions)
Office of International Relations
SRM University
2nd Floor Central Library Building (West Wing),
SRM University, Kattankulathur - 603 203
Chennai (Madras), India.
Phone: +91-44-27456701
Fax: +91-44-27455785
Mobile: +91 - 9003177786 ( Monday to Saturday – 9AM to 5 PM IST)
E-Mail: admissions.ir@srmuniv.ac.in

BPO  Phone:-+91-44 2745 5510 (Monday to Saturday- 9 AM to 10.00 PM IST)

Can a NRI candidate apply under domestic category?

As per UGC guidelines, a candidate who has studied the qualifying examinations (11th and 12th ) outside of India (even if affiliated to CBSE) must apply under NRI category only and NOT under domestic category. But if the candidate has studied the qualifying examinations (11th and 12th ) within India ( even if affiliated to foreign educational boards) can apply either under domestic category or under NRI sponsored category. They can apply only under any one category and not under both categories.

I am an NRI. Can I take the SRM Entrance Examination?

No. Only candidates who are resident Indian can take the SRM Entrance Examination. They should have studied the 11th and 12th in India.

What is the tuition fee for international students for the various programs conducted at SRM university?
Other than the tuition fee what other fees I need to pay?

Other than the annual tuition fee, you have to pay a non-refundable one-time registration fees, hostel and mess fees, book / material fees and semester examination fees.

Can an NRI sponsored student pay the course /tuition fee in Indian rupees?

No. Course/ tuition fee has to be paid in US Dollars only, by the sponsor.

In case both of my parents return to India after my admission, can I be treated under domestic category from the subsequent year onwards?

No. The status of the student remains the same as that prevailed at the time of admission. Hence even if both the parents return to India once for all, the student once admitted under NRI / NRI sponsored category will remain to be under NRI / NRI Sponsored category only.

Is there any provision for concession or scholarships?

Yes. Total scholarship worth of USD 200,000 is awarded to the meritorious students who passed out from CBSE schools, "A" Levels, IB and WAEC and got admission in the faculty of Engineering and Technology in SRM University under NRI / foreign quota. The amount of scholarship will be based on the recommendation of the scholarship committee. This scholarship is applicable only for the first year. Subsequent year scholarship is based on the performance in the previous year.

Do you offer conditional admissions to students who have written the 10+2 or equivalent examination?

Yes. We do offer conditional admissions to all courses. To be considered, candidate has to submit his/ her 11th grade mark sheet plus 12th grade pre-final/ pre-board results.

Can a foreign student study at SRM on Tourist Visa?

No. A foreign student (citizen) can study at SRM only with a student visa. If the foreign citizen is of Indian origin, then such a candidate can apply and get a PIO (People of Indian Origin) Card or and OCI (Dual Citizenship). Candidates with PIO or OCI can study in India without a student visa.

How do I apply for a student visa?

You can apply for a student visa with the nearest Indian Embassy or Consulate. You will have to apply based on the confirmed admission letter issued by SRM.

When should I arrive at SRM, if accepted to any of the programs offered at SRM University?

Students should arrive 2-3 days prior to the commencement of classes. You will be informed of the exact date in the letter of confirmed admission.

Whether student service and immigration is mandatory?

Student service and immigration is mandatory for foreign students; but it is an option for NRI students.

Documents required while coming for admissions in person to campus

Qualifying examination certificate ( +2 or undergraduate degree), Forms A1, A2, A3, A4, 2 copies of passport - personal details page and resident permit / civil ID / Visa page , migration certificate (if applicable), fees remittance copy (tuition, registration & hostel) if already issued by SRM - Original & Photocopy

Whether the book / Material / bus fees can be wire transferred along with the hostel fees?

No. The book / Material /Bus fees are to be paid in Indian Rupees through Bank draft at the time of admission.

Whether cheque / cash can be accepted for paying the tuition fees / hostel fees etc ?

No. The most preferred payment mode is by wire transfer / electronic transfer.

Can I move straight to the hostel room allotted to me on my arrival at SRM?

Only after the student has completed the admission formalities as mentioned in the confirmed admission letter, will a student be permitted to move into the hostel. On arrival, students are advised to move into the hotels reserved by them.

What are the facilities in both domestic and International hostel and its differences?
  • International Hostel: Separate blocks for girls and boys. Rooms are equipped with adequate ventilation and lighting facility. Each student will be provided with a cot, pillows, linen, chair, table and a cupboard. The rooms have attached bath with western closet, geysers/solar water heaters. Food served will be of Indian, continental and western cuisine. Air condition facility will be provided based on availability. Generally the rooms are twin-sharing type.
  • Domestic Hostel: Separate blocks for girls and boys. Rooms are equipped with adequate ventilation and lighting facility. Each student will be provided with a cot, chair, table and a cupboard. Most of the rooms have common bath, toilet (Indian style) and geyser. Only few rooms have attached bath with western closet. Food served will be of South Indian and North Indian food with option for vegetarian or Non-vegetarian. Air condition facility will be provided based on availability. Generally rooms are shared by 3 or 4 students.
Whether Fridge/ washing machine/ Microwave/ room heater are provided in the hostel or the student can have their own electronic items, also should they pay anything extra for using those items?

Fridge/ washing machine/ Microwave/ room heater will NOT be provided in any of the hostels. But those desirous of using any electrical gadgets or appliances must take prior written permission from Hostel authorities and have to adhere to the safety standards prescribed by the authorities from time to time. The students have to pay additional electricity charges as fixed by the hostel authorities.

Does OIR take care of Hotel accommodation for parents for few days?

You must directly approach SRM Hotel for hotel room bookings. OIR may assist in booking rooms in SRM Hotel or SRM Guest House depending on the availability and on advance written request clearly mentioning the dates of stay. The cost for accommodation has to be borne by the parents.

Contact details of SRM Hotel to book room for few days?

SRM University
SRM Nagar, Kattankulathur - 603 203
Tamil Nadu, India
Ph: +91- 44 - 4743 2000, 27453157 / 158
Fax: +91- 44 - 27454250
E-Mail: srmhotel_chennai@yahoo.co.in

Do you have internet facilities at SRM campus?

Yes, Campus-wide Wi-Fi facility is available.

Whether the classrooms are air-conditioned?
Whether the students are permitted to use mobile phones?
  • Inside the class: Strictly No
  • Outside of class hours: Yes
Dress code inside the campus?
  • Boys: Trousers and Collared shirts or T-shirts, Shoes and Socks
  • Girls: Formal Wear: Chudidar, Salwar Kameez, Sari, Trousers and collared Shirts or T-Shirts, Formal Foot Wear Hair beyond shoulder length to be tied up. Know More
Whether insurance is mandatory?

Yes. The international student must either carry their own insurance policies (copy to be submitted to OIR) or must pay for the insurance that SRM recommends.

What medical facilities are available to students admitted?

All students admitted will be covered by Mediclaim insurance policy on chargeable basis. This facilitates the policy holder for cashless hospitalization in SRM as well as many hospitals throughout India. SRM has a 1200-bed hospital of its own within the campus.

Are there any foreign languages taught?

 Yes. It offers French, Japanese, German, Chinese and Korean languages for all Engineering graduates.

What type of hostel accommodation do you provide to students?

SRM provides accommodation in the International Hostel strictly on a first come first serve basis. Two blocks of hostel each of approx. 6615 sq m has a total of 200 rooms, each room having an area of 20 Sq. m. that are meant for girl students Since these rooms are limited in number, the University will provide an option for an accommodation in domestic hostels for the remaining students, subject to the availability of rooms. Independent hostels have been built for men and women, and every hostel is decked up with all necessary amenities for a comfortable stay. Air-conditioned rooms (based on availability) are also offered. Two bedroom apartments available off campus where NRI & International male students will be accommodated on sharing basis. The University has apartment-style accommodation outside the campus for those who can stay in group of 6 or 8 and cook their own food. Know More

How is the climate there?

Tropical climate with rains (moderate to heavy) during October to December; January – February very mild winter or pleasant and March to June - Summer, hot and humid (up to 40 degree C). July to September warm with occasional rain.

Tell me about SRM University

SRM University, established as SRM Engineering College in 1985 got the university status in 2002. The university is located near Chennai with easy access by road, rail and air. This is rated as No. 1 multi-stream university in India and has been accredited by National Board of Accreditation (NBA), National Assessment and Accrediting Board (NAAC), Medical Council of India (MCI), Dental Council of India (DCI) and other statutory councils of India. The university, apart from the conventional programs, offers special collaborative programs like Semester Abroad Program (SAP), Twining / Transfer programs, Dual Degree programs in collaboration with reputed foreign universities.