SRM Academy for International Programmes (AIP)

SRM Academy for International Programme (AIP) is spearheading with several initiatives on globalizing education. Study abroad, an inspiring and eye-opening venture, extends the process of learning to the world beyond the classroom walls. The experience of living, interacting and learning in an international environment helps the students to develop as global citizens. Education abroad helps students to experience the intellectual stimulation of viewing their chosen subject in a different perspective, developing new learning methods and ways of thinking.

Dual Degree overseas is well positioned to offer such programs in collaboration with world's best universities across the world including USA, UK and Europe. Providing young citizens with cognitive and affective competencies dual degree programmes help them to thrive in a global economy. Study abroad starts the learning process that allows one to really see, hear, communicate and understand the world. SRM is taking strenuous efforts to expand the scope in collaborative programs such as Dual and Twining degrees with the leading universities across the world.