South Zone and All India Inter University Tournaments 2018-19

Annoncements Description: 
  • SRM IST will be organizing the South Zone and All India Inter University Tournaments. Kindly send your entry for participation.
  • The Tournament will be held inside the Campus at Kattanulathur, Kancheepuram District.
  • Please certify that your Institute paid the subscription to the Association of Indian Universities (AIU) for the year 2018-19, while sending the entry.
S.No Game
Proposed Date
of Competition
Last Date For Receiving Entry
1. Badminton (M) South Zone Inter University 26/10/2018 31/08/2018
2. Basketball (M) South Zone lnter University 01/10/2018 31/08/2018
3. Basketball (W) South Zone Inter University 12/10/2018 31/08/2018
4. Kabaddi (M) South Zone lnter University 14/11/2018 15/09/2018
5. Tennis (M) South Zone lnter University
1st Week of
December 2018
15th November
6. Volleyball (M) South Zone lnter University 08/10/2018 31/08/2018
7. American Football (M) All India Inter University
1st Week of
February 2019
15th November
8. Ball Badminton (M) All India Inter University
3rd Week of
January 2019
15th November
9. E-Sports (M&W) All India Inter University
2nd Week of
February 2019
15th December
S.No Game South Zone Inter University National Inter University
Badminton (M) South Zone & National Inter University
26/10/2018 31/10/2018
2. Basketball (M) South Zone & National Inter University 01/10/2018 07/10/2018
3. Tennis (M) South Zone & National lnter University
1st Week of
December 2018
2nd Week of
December 2018

List of Universities registered till date

S.No Sport Zone Championships Organizing University
1 Badminton (M) NZ MDU, Rohtak
2 Badminton (M) EZ Gauhati University
3 Badminton (M) WZ Savitribai Phule Pune University
4 Basketball (M) NZ Jamia hamdard, New Delhi
5 Basketball (M) EZ KIIT, Bhubaneshwar
6 Basketball (M) WZ Babasaheb Ambedekar University, Marathwada
7 Tennis (M) NZ DCR, Murrhal University(HR)
8 Tennis (M) EZ Pt.Ravi Shankar, Raipur
9 Tennis (M) WZ Vacant