South Zone & All India Inter-University Tennis (Men) Tournaments Postponed

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South Zone & All India Inter-University Tennis (Men) Tournaments 2018-19-Postponed to 15th to 23'd Feb 2019

With the subject cited above , AIU entrusted the responsibility of organizing South Zoner & All India Inter University Tennis (M) tournament to SRM IST .Due to unavoidable circumstance we are not in a position to conduct the above tournament as fixed from 22nd to 31st Jan 2019.Now, we have decided to have South Zone lnter University between l5th and l9th February 2019 and All India lnter university between 20th and 23rd February 2019 . Kindly note the change in dates and prepare to send the team accordingly. 

Sorry for the inconvenience caused by us.

Director of Sports

SRM IST, Kattankulathur