National Conference on Global Trends in Evidence Based Nursing Practice - A Key to Excellence in Health Care

July 23 - 24 , 2014

College of Nursing, SRM University, is to host a National Conference on "Global Trends in Evidence Based Nursing Practice - A Key to Excellence in Health Care"

Date: July 23 & 24, 2014
Venue: Medical College Auditorium, SRM University.


Guest Lecture on "Applications of Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine in Clinical Settings with Special Emphasis on Opthalmology"

July 24 , 2014


L to R : Dr.James Pandian - Dean, Dr.Samuel Abraham - Director NCRM, Dr.Syed Asghar Hussain
- Assistant Professor, Dept. of Ophthalmology, Dr.S.Vinaygam - Med. Supdt., Dr.S.V.Swamy Raj - HOD,
Dept. of Ophthal, Hon'ble Dr.P.Thangaraju - Pro Vice Chancellor (Medical), Dr.Gireesh - Deputy Dean & Vice Principal
"Guest Lecture on "Applications of Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine in Clinical Settings with Special Emphasis on Ophthalmology"

Indo-Japanese Tie-up between SRM University and NCRM for World Class Research Towards Blindness Prevention

Addressing corneal and retinal degenerative diseases using stem cells to be the main areas of focus

SRM Medical College Hospital & Research Centre, SRM University at Kattankulathur has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Chennai based Indo-Japan Institute Nichi-In Centre for Regenerative Medicine (NCRM) to foster joint research on enhancing ways to find a cell therapy based cure for potentially blinding corneal and retinal diseases. The landmark MoU was signed by Prof. Dr. P. Thangaraju, Pro Vice Chancellor (Medical) of SRM University and Dr. Samuel JK Abraham, Director NCRM.

India is the “Blind capital of the world”, with more than 15 million blind people of which, about 4.5 million corneal blind people are waiting for someone to donate eyes. Prof. Dr. S.V.Swamy Raj and Dr. Syed Asghar Hussain, the lead investigators at SRM University, said that blindness due to corneal diseases is an increasing burden due to lack of donor corneas. The supply is abysmally low compared to the demand. If the present trend continues, it is expected that the number of corneal blind individuals in India will increase from 8.4 million to 10.6 million by 2020. The world class expertise of NCRM, in having transported corneal endothelial precursors across the country in a simple manner and then; the transplantation in pilot studies with success have given us a hope to expand to other patients also.

In addition, blinding retinal conditions such as Retinitis Pigmentosa and Age-related Macular Degeneration have become some of the leading causes of blindness in millions of people across India; for which stem cell therapies hold the key for a cure; towards which the SRM-NCRM tie-up aims to endeavour.

For further queries please contact:

Dr. Syed Asghar Hussain,
Assistant Professor,
Department of Ophthalmology,
SRM Medical College Hospital & Research Centre, SRM University,
Kattankulathur, Kanchipuram District, TN
Mob. No. : +91- 9840118481 / Email ID:  drsaheye@gmail.com / asgharhussain.s@ktr.srmuniv.ac.in  
Mr. R. Senthilkumar,
Research Officer,
Nichi-In Centre for Regenerative Medicine (NCRM),
Chennai, TN
Mob. No. : +91- 94440 83550 / Email ID: rsk@nichimail.jp


This press release available online at: http://www.ncrm.org/media/pr24jul14.htm



Semester Abroad Program - Event on Celebrating Student Success in International Education

July 24 , 2014

Time: 10.30 AM to 12.00 PM

Venue: T. P. Ganesan Auditorium

The office of the International Relation is celebrating the success of Semester Abroad Program by awarding the Special Scholarships to student who have been selected for MIT (USA),certificates to Harvard Medical School Students, award of certificates to all SAP students who have just come back after spending Semester Abroad (spring 2014) in different countries across the world.

Chief Guest: Shanna Dietz Surendra. Cultural Affairs Office, US Consulate, Chennai

Shanna Dietz Surendra

Her academic work has been featured in publications and at academic conferences and has been recognized in the form of numerous fellowships and awards. Shanna gained a comprehensive understanding of applied development and its theoretical consequences while simultaneously exercising her independent leadership and analytic skills. 



Dignitaries who will be present during the function:

Welcome Address: Mr.Kartar Singh, Director International Relations

Inaugural Speech: Dr. T.P Ganesan, PRO VC, Vice Chancellor Incharge, SRM University,

Award of Certificate to Harvard Medical Students (SAP Spring 2014): Dr. N.Sethuraman, Registrar, SRM University

Award of Certificates to all Students (SAP Spring 2014): Dr. C.Muthamizchelvan, Director E&T, SRM University

Felicitation of Students (SAP Fall 2014): Dr.D.Narayana Rao, Director Research, SRM University




Faculty Development Program on Radiological Equipments

August 01 - 02 , 2014

Objectives of this Program

  • To gain knowledge about the advances in digital radiography & digital fluoroscopy and its application.
  • To facilitate the basic concepts of digital mammography.
  • To understand the basic physics of various imaging modalities in nuclear medicine.
  • To impart knowledge about the various techniques in ultrasound & its application in medicine.
  • To attain knowledge about the principles and diagnostic applications of CT & MRI in medicine.


Dr. M. Anburajan
Prof and Head
Department of Biomedical
SRM University
Mobile: 9790840279
Mail: hod.biomedi@ktr.srmuniv.ac.in


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Short Term Training Program on Recent Research Issues in Wireless Sensor Network

August 04 - 08 , 2014

Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) attracts lot of attention from the academia, industry and among researchers for promoting largescale
deployments in many applications, such as environmental monitoring, surveillance, tracking and identification.

Wireless Sensor Networks consist of a number of relatively simple, low cost, low power components that are interconnected to fulfill
various application requirements. In spite of continuous improvements to address WSN issues such as node deployment architecture,
localization, power management, network protocols, operating systems and so on, still new and new tasks and interesting problems
are arising.

It is necessary to create an experience sharing platform for scientific researchers and experts from both academia and industry who work in
WSN domain to demonstrate their skills, share experience as well as discuss upcoming trends and new ideas from this field. To meet this
objective, this short term training programme is organized to keep the participants abreast with the latest developments in WSN research.


Dr. S. Malarvizhi,
Professor & Head,
Department of ECE,
SRM University.
Ph.044-27452270 Extn:2051


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I B.Tech, B.Arch & B. Des Orientation Program 2014 - 2015

July 14 - 18 , 2014
Date  9.00 to 9.45 AM 9.45 to 10.30 AM 10.30 to 11.00 AM 11.00 AM to 12.00 Noon 12.00 to 12.45 PM 12.45 to 2.00 PM 02.00 to 3.00 PM 3.00 to 4.00 PM
14.07.14 Monday (10.30am to 11.30am Inaugural Function-EEE,ECE,E&I, ITE, CSE,SE &IT) Lunch (1.30pm to 2.30pm Inaugural Function  Mechanical, Auto, Mechatronics and Aerospace, Civil, Nano, Biotech, BME, BI, Genetic, Chemical,  B.Arch & B.Des)
15.07.14 Tuesday  (9.00 to 9.45am) Overview of E & T and General disciplinary instructions Dr. C. Muthamizhchelvan  Director(E & T) Tea  Break (11.00 am to 11.30 am )  Examination Instructions  Prof.S. Ponnusamy, COE (12.00 pm to 12.45pm)  Motivational Talk 1  Mr. Saharia, Lieutenant Colonel ,Presentation on NCC  Lunch (2.00pm to 2.30pm)  Campus life Prof. R. Venkatramani Director (C L) (3.00 pm to 3.20pm) Presentation about Milan 2014 Kind attention  Director (S M)
9.45 to 10.30am  U.G. Curriculum  Prof.  Augustine (11.30 to 12.00pm)  Soft Skills Mrs. Mythili, CDC (2.30pm to 3.00pm) Aawareness on antiragging and safety  Prof. Leenus J Martin (3.20pm to 4.00pm)  Culturals by SRM students
16.07.14 Wednesday (9.00 to 9.45am) Research Activities at SRMDr. D. Narayana Rao Director (Research)  Tea  Break (11.00 to 11.30)  Health Issues and Dietary informations Dr. James Pandian  Dean,Medical (12.00pm to 12.45pm) Motivational Talk :2 Dr.Sib Sankar Roy Principal Scientist, Indian Institute of Chemical Biology, Jadhavpur Lunch (2.00pm to 2.30 pm) Sports facilities at SRM University  Director - Sports (3.00pm to 3.30pm) Library Facilities at SRM Dr. Rajendran, University Library 
(9.45am to 10.30am)  International Relations  and SAP  Dr. T. V. Gopal Dean (IR)  Experiences of  SAP and FAP (Two Students and Two Faculties)  (11.30am to 12.00pm) General Physical fitness  Mr. V.P.R.Shivakumar  Dean, College of Physiotherapy (2.30pm to 3.00pm) Students Leisure Actvities Director - OFD & SM (3.30pm to 4.00pm)  Presentation about Aaruush 2014 Prof. Rathinam
17.07.13 Thursday (9.00am to 9.45am)  Morals, Ethics and Basic Yoga Techniques ISHA Foundation Tea  Break (11.00am to 11.30am)  Student Placements  Mr. S. Ganapathy  Dean, Placement  (12.00pm to 12.45pm)  Motivational Talk 4 Know your brain., use it or lose it?  Dr. Gireesh, Deputy Dean, SRM MC   (2.00pm to 2.30pm) Industry Institute Interactions  Prof. K. Parameswaran (3.00pm to 3.30pm)  Copters Parade by SRM Students (Inside the Auditorioum)
(9.45am to 10.30am) Motivational Talk 3  Shri V. Seshagiri Rao Associate Director  SHAR - ISRO (11.30am to 12.00pm)  Scholarship Details Prof.R.Muthusubramaniam, Director (Admissions)   (2.30pm to 3.00pm)  E-Resources  and e varsity Dr. K. Mohan,  Director (IT&KM) (3.30pm to 4.00pm) NSS activities Mr. Chinnathambi NSS Officer
18.07.14 Friday Assembling at various venues for Departmental orientation programme-Deans/HODs 


Health Sciences Inaugural Program

July 16 , 2014

The freshers’ induction program for the Health Science courses, Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences was conducted at the Medical College Auditorium, SRM Medical College & Research Center on 16 July, 2014.  The event commenced with the lighting of the inaugural lamp by the dignitaries present on the dais.

The Pro- Vice Chancellor (Medical) of SRM Medical College and Research Center, Dr. R. Thangaraj, welcomed all present to the induction ceremony. He stated that the various branches of health sciences form the crucial backbone of comprehensive health care. SRM provides ample opportunities to all paramedical students to work and gain the highest level of proficiency in all verticals of health care.

“The area of paramedical education is highly challenging and at SRM, we have the withstanding power to contend with any level of competition,” said Dr. Pachamuthu, the Chancellor of SRM group of institutions while delivering the special address on the occasion. The students of health sciences share the facilities with various groups of colleges such as SRM Medical College and Research Center and SRM Dental College and have the unique opportunity to associate and work with these colleges, the Chancellor stated. With highest quality of faculty and teaching facility, SRM Medical College and Research Center is comparable to reputable foreign universities and institutions, said Dr. Pachamuthu.

According to the Vice Chancellor, Dr. M. Ponnavaikko, the boundary between the domain of engineering and medical sciences have diminished. The latest technologies and medical fraternity go hand in hand to provide superlative health services. The multicultural ambience of the institution with students from across the globe as well as collaboration with distinguished foreign universities holds high level of promise to every student. He shared with the crowd the importance of basic attributes such as communication skills, problem solving capability, emotional stability, physical endurance and the like, required to make the most proficient paramedical personnel.

Dr. N.Sethuraman, Registrar of SRM University, wished the new batch a bright and fruitful student. He stated that SRM is a student centered institution where students are considered to be of highest importance. There is always the opportunity to learn more.

Dean Medical, SRM Medical College and Research Center, Dr. James Pandian, said that under the globally recognized banner of SRM, students will always get abundant chances to associate with various branches of medical and allied sciences.

Dr. Shivakumar, Director-in-charge Health Sciences and Dean Physiotherapy, introduced the Deans and Head of the Departments of all branches of health sciences.

Various parents came forward to give their feedback about SRM Medical College and Research Center. Mr. Kumaraguru, parent of a student who has newly joined for Bachelor of Pharmacy course said that SRM is identifying the potential in every student and it is unique because of its finest faculty, infrastructure and research facilities. According to another parent, SRM is a university of first grade.

    Program Schedule

I B.Tech/B.Arch/B.Des Kattankulathur Campus Inauguration (2014-15)

July 14 , 2014

Freshers’ Induction Program – Faculty of Engineering and Technology

The induction program for Engineering and Technology took place at T. P. Ganesan Auditorium on July 14, 2014. A warm and blissful aura was witnessed in the campus with the presence of honorable dignitaries, freshers, and their parents. The program was scheduled for two sessions of orientation, in which all dignitaries of SRM University were gathered to welcome all freshers. The program began with welcome address by the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Medical) Dr. P. Thangaraj. He remarked that the induction program is like a journey of thousand minds towards one step and also welcomed all students and their parents to the ‘Temple of Learning’

The presidential and inaugural address was made by the Honorable Chancellor of SRM University, Dr. T. R. Pachamuthu, in which he briefed about various success stories and glory of SRM University right from its invocation. He also welcomed the students and advised them to explore and achieve success in all dimensions at this young age. He insisted the students about the necessity of skill development at this young age.

In the second session Prof. P. Sathyanarayanan remarked that only 20% of Indian youth get an opportunity to get higher education and SRM students should feel proud and be grateful for the opportunity made by their parents and their faculty members.

Vice Chancellor, Dr. M. Ponnavaikko addressed the gathering and told that the engineering stream is like applied sciences which can be learnt only through application and exploration. The students were also emphasized on various ethical values and the necessity to acquire knowledge, skill, and good communication skiil. He also remarked that, “SRM is a multi faculty and multi disciplinary college which will fine tune a person to meet and sustain in any environment”. Various Directors and HoD’s of all engineering departments and skill development were introduced by the Registrar, Dr.N.Sethuraman

Parents were also given an opportunity to express their views about the campus. “My child is able to take right decision by choosing SRM University, which tells that he is educated by SRM even before he begins his college” , said a proud parent from Andhra Pradesh. Even SRM alumni siblings are made to take up their education without any second decision.

The Vote of thanks was delivered by Director Engineering and Technology, Dr.C. Muthamizhchelvan. He remarked the success of alumni students and enrollment of their next generation in SRM University. He also mentioned about the various successful research activities of SRM SAT, ROBOCON, SRM Search Engine..etc, carried out by students and also mentioned the fund allocation of two crore rupees for students who aspire to achieve more.







Freshers' Day Induction Program - Faculty of Science and Humanities

July 09 , 2014

The induction program for the 2014 freshers’ batch of the Faculty of Science and Humanities was held on July 9, 2014. The occasion began with the welcome address by Dr. R. Balasubramanian, Director, Faculty of Science and Humanities. He wished all the very best to the new students and assured them that they have come to one of the finest institutions to pursue their education.

The Honorable Chancellor of SRM University, Dr. T. R. Pachamuthu, delivered the special address, ‘The Dream of SRM,’ emphasizing on the extensive scope and the equally growing demand for the courses in science and humanities. According to the Chancellor, where one studies is of more importance than what one studies. SRM University is known for its brand and reputation across India as well as abroad and hence the demand for the science and humanities courses in the University is five times higher than in other institutions.

The University attracts students from all across the globe and the multi-cultural environment provides immense opportunities for them to hone their talent. SRM University has also introduced the School of Law this academic year to provide possibility to students with interest in the field of law enforcement.

‘In order to excel, start loving and taking interest in the course that you have chosen,’ said Dr. Ponnavaiko, the Vice-Chancellor of the University. He said that SRM University is a knowledge pool with the best opportunity to study, innovate and be leading academicians. In terms of learning, one should be learning to know, learning to do, live together and to be. The University encourages innovative minds with finance and facilities, the Vice-Chancellor said.

Dr. N. Sethuraman, the Registrar of the University, in his felicitation said that SRM assures that its students will be the promising professionals of the future. According to Dr. Sridhar Krishnaswami, the head of the department of Journalism and Mass Communication, the University also has certain expectations from its students such as regularity, punctuality, decent dress code and the like. The institution has zero tolerance to crimes such as ragging.

According to Mrs. Geetha Krishnan, a parent, SRM University was the foremost choice when it came to choosing an institution for higher studies. The eminent faculty, topmost facilities and amiable learning environment are some of the positive aspects of the institution. Asif Jhulani, the father of a fresher, said that he is proud to enroll his son at SRM.  

During the induction program, visual presentations were made highlighting the positive aspects of the Faculty of Science and Humanities as well as the ELS Job Ready English Program.

      Program Schedule

Happy Doctors' Day

July 07 , 2014

SRM Medical College Hospital & Research Centre

Date: July 7, 2014
Venue: Hospital Seminar Hall
Time: 11:30 AM

In honourable presence of Vice Chancellor, Pro Vice Chancellor (Medical), Dean, Deputy Dean & VP, Medical Superintendent and Addl. Medical Superintendent


Radio Frequency, Antenna Applications and Measurements Symposium - RAMS 2014

August 25 , 2014

RAMS’14, will provide a platform for the exchange of new ideas, thoughts, emerging trends and realizations on recent advances in Radio Frequency, Antenna Applications and Measurements related to Telecommunication Technology domain. Reputed experts from premier Institutions/Universities such as IIT Madras/Hyderabad, DRDO/ISRO and Industries will deliver lectures/ invited talks.

RAMS2014 is in Technical Association with Wireless World Research Forum ; IEEE EMC-S Madras Chapter, IEEE Comsoc Student Branch and IEEE VTS India Council Chapter.

Scope & Topics 
The areas covered in the RAMS’14 Symposium include but not limited to

  • Antennas & Propagation
  • Coding Theory & Techniques
  • EMC/EMI Issues
  • Modulation Techniques
  • Mobile Communications Technologies
  • New Generation Wireless Communications
  • Radio Communication Technologies
  • RF & Microwave Technologies
  • Satellite Communications
  • Transceiver Architectures

Paper Submission
RAMS’14 invites Authors to send an electronic version, MS Word format NOT more than 4 Pages in IEEE Conference format to rams.itce@srmuniv.ac.in

Selected/Best Papers (Plagiarism Free) will be Published in the International Journal of Wireless & Mobile Networks (IJWMN) (or) International journal of Mobile Network Communications & Telematics ( IJMNCT).

Conditions Apply as per IJWMN/IJMNCT..

Awards will be given to the Best Papers presented in the symposium.

Important Dates:
Last date for Abstracts submission           : August 10, 2014
Acceptance Notification to Authors             : August 14, 2014
Registration and Camera Ready Paper    : August 20, 2014
Selection notification for the participants through Email only.

Registration Fee Details:
Faculty from Universities/Institutions/Colleges: Rs. 1500/‐;
For IEEE Members, 1000/‐ only
Research Scholars & PG Students: Rs. 700/‐;
For Student IEEE Members, 500/‐ only.

Note: Copy of IEEE Membership/PG/UG Identity Card should be attached

The registration fee includes the Symposium material, working lunch and refreshments. The number of seats is limited and the participants will be chosen on firstcome‐first‐served basis. No TA/DA will be provided for the participants.
Note: The Bank DD shall be drawn in favor of “Telecommunication Engineers’ Association”, payable in Chennai.

Wire Transfer Details:
You may also do Wire Transfer for the Registration Fee
Name of the Account: Telecommunication Engineers Association
Bank Name: City Union Bank
Account Number:117001000648625
MICR Code:600054011
IFSC Code: CIUB 0000117

Register Now


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Molecular Phylogeny Workshop

July 18 - 19 , 2014

Time: 9 AM to 6 PM

Phylogenetic methods are critically important for understanding the rich and diversified flora and fauna of India, as a good understanding of the past helps effective planning for the future and conservation of biodiversity. The workshop would consist of lecture and practical sessions (computer lab.) to familiarize participants with the theory and practice of phylogenetics. The aim is to introduce basic ideas and provide teaching materials that the participants could use in their research and teaching.


  • Introduction to Phylogenetic trees.
  • Reading and manipulating the phylogenetic trees.
  • How to do a phylogenetic analysis; Maximum Parsimony (MP)
  • Maximum Parsimony Analysis.
  • Getting Molecular Data, GenBank, BLAST, CLUSTALW.
  • Building trees: Model-based methods
  • Pairwise distance, Neighbour-Joining (NJ)
  • Maximum Likelihood (ML).
  • Interpreting and using trees.

Last Date for Registration: July 14, 2014

A. Nithyaniyal Stalin
Department of Genetic Engineering
SRM University
Phone: 9445481520

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CME program on “Pharmacotherapy of Rheumatoid Arthritis”

July 03 , 2014

A guest lecture on “Conventional or Traditional DMARDs – Disease Modifying Anti Rheumatoid Drugs”, was  presented by   Dr. S. Rajeshwari, MD., DM. The speaker emphasized that Rheumatoid arthritis affects not only bone and joints but all organs. Also, insisted that treatment for patients with rheumatoid arthritis should be individualized. People should not get misled by pharmacist’s statement regarding usage of low dose Methotrexate which is an anticancer drug at higher doses.  Drugs are available which can minimize the adverse effects of methotrexate. Usually this drug is given once weekly.Chloroquine is another effective drug for connective tissue diseases.It is a safe and effective drug which control symptoms as well as prevents disease progression. People tend to visit orthopaedics OP at the outset due to involvement of joints. But they should be referred aptly to consultant rheumatologists at the beginning of symptoms itself to avoid disability.                          

Following her, Prof. Dr.C.P.Rajendran, MD., DM  gave a lecture on  ‘’Newer  Biological Agents or Monoclonal antibodies". These drugs are given by injection route only. Recently orally active biological agent has been approved for use. They give more symptomatic relief and they target the triggering agents in connective tissue diseases like TNF-alpha, Interleukins-1&2. Cost of these has been reduced considerably due to availability of biosimilar molecules. Dr.Radha Madhavan, who chaired the session recalled her initial period of work experience at Rheumatology department, Madras Medical College and invited the audience to clarify their querries.

The lectures were followed by discussion. Questions were raised by Medical Post graduates regarding initiating anti rheumatic therapy in mantoux positive patient, frequency of testing for tuberculosis

Dr.Satyajit Mohapatra thanked the dignitaries,chief guest, professors, associate & assistant professors,post graduates, MBBS students, audio visual department,media. Pre registered participants were issued CME certificate of credit hours Two by Tamil Nadu State Medical council. The function concluded with national anthem. II MBBS students enthusiastically participated in making the function a grand success.

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IMF - 2014 (Students Symposium)

September 01 , 2014

IMF - 2014 (Students Symposium)

HR Conclave - MBA

September 02 , 2014

HR Conclave - MBA

Guest Lecture - Recent Trends in Pathology

September 02 - 06 , 2014

Guest Lecture - Recent Trends in Pathology

Workshop on Tharkkala Kavithaigal

September 03 , 2014

Workshop on Tharkkala Kavithaigal

One Day Workshop on Cloud Computing Infrastructure

September 04 , 2014

One Day Workshop on Cloud Computing Infrastructure

JHALAK (Inter House Competition)

September 05 , 2014

JHALAK (Inter House Competition)

Research Methodology Workshop Graduate Students (MD/MS Degree)

September 08 , 2014

Research Methodology Wqorkshop Graduate Students (MD/MS Degree)

Research Methodology Wqorkshop Graduate Students (MSc Degree)

September 09 , 2014

Research Methodology Wqorkshop Graduate Students (MSc Degree)

Marketing and Innovation Expo

September 09 , 2014

Marketing and Innovation Expo

FDP - Creation, Analysis and Forensics of Malware Trojans

September 11 - 12 , 2014

FDP - Creation, Analysis and Forensics of Malware Trojans

Two Day National Workshop on Recent Advances in Satillite Image Processing and Applications

September 15 - 16 , 2014

The workshop focuses on the latest trends and developments as well as future outlook in the field of Satellite Image Processing and its applications in various domains. Processed satellite images have different scientific and need based applications in the field of agriculture, geology, forestry, regional planning, etc. This workshop will be useful for the novice working in the field of remote sensing and its application.


  • Introduction to Remote Sensing
  • Fundamentals of Satellite Image Processing
  • Recent Advances in Satellite Image Processing
  • Terrestrial & Planetary Applications of Satellite
  • Image Processing
  • Hands on experience with ENVI / ERDAS for Satellite Image Processing.


Importance of French Language in the World

September 17 - 19 , 2014

Importance of French Language in the World

Zonal NASA 2014

September 20 - 21 , 2014

A student association of SRM School of Architecture and Interior Design, SRM SAID, member in NASA (National Association for Students of Architecture) – Zone Six, hosted two days event ‘AVANT GARDE’ on September 20, 2014. Well known six practicing architects, Ar. Promod Balakrishnan, Ar. Vivek Shankar, Ar. Madhav Joshi, Ar. Senthil Kumar, Ar. Dimple Mirtal, and Ar.Thangabhasker, participated and enlightened the students through a panel discussion.

These eminent architects working on several successful architectural backgrounds, were honored by Dr. T. P. Ganesan, Pro Vice Chancellor, SRM University. Prof. M. Thirumeni, Dean of SRM School of Architecture and Interior Design, felicitated the chief guests.

Proceeding the inauguration, a student’s panel discussion on “Computers: Design Tool or Drafting Tool?” was conducted and the chief guests Ar. Durganand Balsavar and Ar. Slolmon were the moderators. The speakers spoke on their supporting part and the panel discussion came to an end decision that “Development of all technical tools for designing and sketching should be encouraged and at the same time, drafting ideas on a paper and working on ground should not be ignored”. The architects also made a presentation of their architectural skills and discussed about the trends in the field of architecture. Many ‘On the Spot’ events, seminars and workshop were conducted on the second day.


                Poster                       Program Schedule

Objective Structural Practical examination / Objective Structural Clinical Exmmination / OSCE / (MCI Patern) Prize examination for students along with simulation center (Involving MET trained faculties)

June 26 , 2014

Objective Structural Practical examination / Objective Structural Clinical Exmmination / OSCE / (MCI Patern) Prize examination  for students along with simulation center (Involving MET trained faculties)

Early foundation courses for MBBS fresher's

September 22 , 2014

Early foundation courses for MBBS fresher's

Nutrition Week

September 23 , 2014

Nutrition Week

Natiional Seninar "Mordern Separation Techniques in Chemical Engineering

September 23 - 24 , 2014

Natiional Seninar "Mordern Separation Techniques in Chemical Engineering