Characterization Form and Charges

Analytical Instrument Charges

  Name of the Instrument

Internal Charge per Sample   External Charge per Sample
UV vis spectrometer* 50 200
FTIR 50 200
NMR 50 200
Electrochemical Impedance Spectrometer 100 300
Hall Effect 50 200
Four Probe Set up 30 150
AAS (PPM) 50 200
(PPB) 100 300
XRD 75 250
XRF 75 250

First time users – please consult the Lab In-Charge before filling the form *

Please ensure the sample and reference sample should be in solubility form (liquid mode)


  • It is mandatory that a prior confirmation is obtained from the Lab In-Charge for the feasibility. Kindly make sure that the requested date is a working day.
  • Due to computer virus threat data will not be copied on to your media (Pen drive/Floppy). Users are encouraged to obtain the soft copy of the data by Compact Disk (CD) or we will provide you with our media (eg. CD) on additional payment basis if you intimate us in advance. We solicit your cooperation in the smooth running of the Facility.

Payment Mode:

The charges have to be paid at the time of sample submission. All the payments should be made in the form of Demand Drafts drawn in the favor of “MATERIAL CHARACTERIZATION FACILITY” (Indian Bank Account No. 963314525) – payable at Chennai. Payment by any other form is not accepted.

Characterization Form