Start: 16-02-2018
End: 17-07-2018


Verve 1.0is a fest organized by IT Association. The fest started on 16th February 2018 at 05.00pm. The fest consisted of Literary events, fun events, tech event, gaming, sports and many more. Students from all departments took part in it with great joy and enthusiasm. The events were not only exciting but also tested various skills of the participants like marketing, communication, presence of mind etc. The event was conducted successfully with the hard work and dedication of the members of the Association. Here is a brief about the various events conducted in Verve 1.0.


X-files was a treasure hunt which consisted of 2 rounds. The participants were only allowed to enter in the teams of 2 or 3 .The first round was called the Box Office, in which the teams had to answer some fun and popular questions related to Bollywood. The registrations for the event were commendable and 27 teams had participated for the first round. The teams enjoyed answering the questions.
7 teams were selected for the second round based on their scores of round 1 and were called the next day. The Second Round was the Treasure Hunt in which each team were given a clue. They had to crack the message and reach the position as per the clue. There were total 8 locations around the campus where the ITA members were positioned with the clues for next location.
Once all the clues had been collected, the teams were required to come back to the starting location. Abhishek and Pranay of First years bagged the first position followed by Pratik Agrawal and SaralBabu of Second years securing the second position.
The event was a success with satisfaction from both participants and organizers along with positive feedbacks.

British Parliamentary Debate

British Parliamentary Debate is a kind of academic debate. The debate format involves 4 teams, 2 teams called first and second proposition and the other two first opposition and second opposition. Two speaker represent each of the four teams and each speaker gives a speech of seven minutes.
This debate was organised in 2 rounds. The first round was a Group Discussion round held on 16th February 2018. The participants who qualified this first round moved on to the second round which was the debate held on 17th February 2018.

In the second round there were 2 panels with 8 participants and 4 participants respectively.  Both the panels had a debate on the topic  “ Censorship cannot be justified”. The debate was very interesting and the participants performed to the best of their capability. The teams from side attempt to maintain loyalty with one another while simultaneously demonstrating the unique qualities of their own arguments.



5-a-side football was also being conducted in verve 1.0. It was being conducted on the audi ground on 16th and 17th February. It witnessed a huge number of participants on both the days during the course of the event. The participants came in a team of 5 and showcased their football skills on the ground. Safety arrangements were being made and the event coordinators made sure that no miss-happening takes place. The participants played with utmost zeal and zest and a very good and healthy sports environment was seen over the ground. All the participants displayed true spirit of sportsmanship and enjoyed the event thoroughly.


Basketball was also conducted successfully on 16th and 17th February 2018  in verve 1.0. The participants registered themselves in a team of 3 before the event. Both the girls and boys participants showcased their dribbling skills on the court and enjoyed playing the game. A good competition was seen among the participants on both the days during the course of the event. The event coordinators made sure that the event conduction is going on smoothly. First aid kits were also kept ready to provide immediate aid to any participant who gets injured during the game. The event saw a huge turn up from the students and it ended up effectively on 17th February 2018.


In the first round of this fun event the participants had to perform mini games in teams of two. They had to arrange playing cards in different patterns and then they had to move on to the paper cup and balloon game. In that game, they were supposed to blow the paper cups from balloon air as soon as possible. There were many more similar ‘minute to win it’ games. At the end, the total time was evaluated and winners were moved to second round.

In round two, one of the team members was supposed to blindfold himself and the other was supposed to direct the blind folded member and help him move along the path within the boundaries. Along the path there were a few obstacles and they had to clear them. If the blindfolded person crossed the boundary then the directing member had to smash the glasses with a tennis ball and was asked to perform the challenge under the specific glasses left. After that they had to continue along the path.

Literary Event


Round one was a Tambola with a twist. Instead of calling out  numbers, we asked questions (mostly synonyms, antonyms, etc). Every answer was associated with a number. The participants were supposed to figure out the answer and had to strike out its number in the Housie card (if present). The number key was be displayed by means of a projector.
In the second round, a pair of fictional characters were given to the participants. These characters were from different TV Shows, books and movies. The participants had to enact a dialogue between the two characters. The dialogue or script can be on any topic ranging from casual conversations to current affairs. This was impromptu and only 1 minute preparation time was given to the participant. A total of 10 participants were qualified for the third round.
In the third round, a hypothetical situation was given to the participant and the participant was asked to deliver a news report on the same within 1 minute. The hypothetical situation could be of any genre like Science fiction, topics based on current affairs, and fictional situations. A preparation time of 30 seconds was given to the participants to think of the content.


In round one the participants were given to write an anecdote, short story or an article based on the topics given. It was supposed to be self explanatory , and relatable to the theme given. Some examples of themes given are Dad, Best Friend etc.Three people were given the same topic to write on and different outcomes were expected.

In round two, the participants were given a topic on which they needed to write a parody article. The parody article could be written in a silly and hilarious manner. Participants were free to interpret the topic in any way they want.
In round three, the participants were given a particular theme or situation to write a poem about. The themes  ranged from fictional topics to serious topics. The participants had to write the poem within the given time limit. The participants also had the option of choosing their own topic. There was no word limit and the participants were free to write as much as they want.


Techila was a tech event consisting of three rounds. In the first round the participants were given a set of pictures related to logos, gadgets, famous personalities and other technology related topics and they had to guess the picture in a given time frame.
In the second round, the participants were provided with a crossword and some clues and they had to try and complete the maximum number of questions in minimum amount of time to be shortlisted for the final round.
In the third or the final round, the coding skills of participants were tested. Questions on syntax correction, error eradication and completing a part of the code were given to the participants and they were supposed to solve those questions in limited time.

Merchant of Wall Street

In the first round of the business event, the participants were asked to pitch some absurd items to the judging panel. They had to keep convincing the judges to buy those items from them within the given time limit of 2 minutes.
In the second round, items were displayed one by one and the participants had to bid cautiously. The participants with the highest value (product + remaining funds) qualified for next round.
The third round was a simulated stock market round which required participants to buy and sell stocks cautiously. This round consisted of 7 selected companies and the participant were supposed to buy/sell/stay with the stocks of the company. With passing time, the stocks were updated and the participants were supposed to take the decision with every subsequent update.


Clash Royale
Clash Royale is a freemium mobile tower rush video game developed and published by Supercell. The game combines elements from collectible card games, tower defense, and multiplayer online battle arena. It was organized in TP 304, and there were 12 playing arenas in total (excluding the tutorial arena, Training Camp): Goblin Stadium, Bone Pit, Barbarian Bowl, P.E.K.K.A's Playhouse, Spell Valley, Builder's Workshop, Royal Arena, Frozen Peak, Jungle Arena, Hog Mountain, Electro Valley, and Legendary Arena, with each arena corresponding to a certain trophy count range where players level up by gaining experience points through donating and/or upgrading cards and completing achievements.

Mini Militia

Mini Militia is a free-to-play 2D shooter game which was organized in TP 306 and is a multiplayer game. The gameplay is similar to survival; however, it includes a wider variety of weapons, maps, and game modes such as to Capture the Flag.

The event was a grand success and ended on a very happy note.

TCS CodeVita - Season VII - Registrations Open

Start: 28-03-2018
End: 15-07-2018

Organised by Tata Consultancy Services


The rate of adoption of technology is having a huge impact on people’s lives. To be competitive and to be able to adapt to the constantly changing digital world, it is prudent to speak the language of the computers. The language of Computers is – Code. Akin, to Maths, coding is expected to be a necessary skill across disciplines. However, exactly like Maths, it has the ability to induce fear in many. TCS organizes CodeVita to overcome this fear and enjoy writing computer code. The main objective of the contest is to sharpen the contestants' programming skills through some real-life computing practices.

Eligibility Criteria for India

Coders from institutes across India who are completing their academic course in 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 alone are eligible for this contest. Registrations are invited from students in undergraduate/ postgraduate programs related to engineering/science background with any specialization.

Registration Link: Click here

Conference on Arduino Day-2018

Start: 02-04-2018
End: 03-04-2018

Organized by Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering, Faculty of Engineering & Technology, SRM Institute of Science and Technology (formerly known as SRM University)

Conference on Arduino Day-2018

Date: Apr 2-3, 2018

Workshop on CYBERTECH-2018

Start: 02-04-2018
End: 04-04-2018

Organized by Department of Information Technology, Faculty of Engineering & Technology, SRM Institute of Science and Technology (formerly known as SRM University)

Workshop on CYBERTECH-2018

Date: Apr 2-4, 2018

Workshop Marathon

Start: 02-04-2018
End: 06-04-2018

Organised by IEEE SRM Student Branch at SRM Institute of Science and Technology

Important Dates:

2nd April - Guest lecture on Machine Learning by NVIDIA

3rd and 4th April - Workshop on VFX by MAAC

Participants will have to register for this workshop paying Rs.300.

5th and 6th April - Workshop on Matlab by Malcoms Arc

Participants will have to register for this workshop paying Rs. 200 if IEEE Member and Rs. 250 if non-IEEE Member.


Divi Bharadwaj - 9962361944

Satyam - 9087292009

SRM Institute of Science and Technology,



Management Development Programme 2018

Start: 02-04-2018
End: 04-04-2018

Organized by Faculty of Management, SRM Institute of Science and Technology

Management Development Programme

Date: April 02-04, 2018

Last Date for Nomination: April 20, 2018

Fee for all the MDPs is Rs. 6000 per day per person. In case of participants applying in groups of 3 members or more, a 10% discount may be provided. The fee covers course material fee for all the MDPs, lunch, refreshments and tea.

How to apply: Please fill in the above application form and send along with the demand draft of full fees drawn in favour of "SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Kattankulathur" payable at Chennai to the following address. 

Contact Person

Dr. Arpita Mathur,
Mob: +919874930069



Start: 03-04-2018

Organised by the Department of Software Engineering

In an age where content is gaining critical importance, this event shall educate the participants about the various aspects of technical writing. A literary event where participants will be judged on their technical writing skills and a feedback session will be conducted by the judges where they explain the respective dos and don’ts.

Venue: University Learning Centre - UB 11th floor

Contact: Garvit Gupta, 9566218863

Comfest 2k18

Start: 04-04-2018

Organized by Department of Commerce, SRM Institute of Science and Technology (formerly known as SRM University)

In association with CIMA

COMFEST, the Commerce festival is an annual business event of the Department of Commerce in which various events are conducted to enrich the students in real life atmosphere and making them a strong competitor in every field. Conducted once a year, the very name COMFEST is the blend of commerce and festival, which means it, is the festival of our department. This is the platform for the students of Department of Commerce to show their talents and skills across all arenas.

COMFEST 2K18 was conducted on April 4 2018, Wednesday. This time, the Department of Commerce of SRM Institute of Science and Technology associated with the Chartered Institute of Management Accounting (CIMA) and conducted the grand event Comfest in association with CIMA. The Comfest events were conducted mainly on the categories of Curricular and Co-curricular.

      Curricular Events:                                                              Co-Curricular:

  1. Poster Presentation                                                          1. Best out of Waste
  2. Paper Presentation                                                           2. Logo Designing
  3. Future Product                                                                  3. Memory Check
  4. Business Quiz                                                                   4. Photography
  5. Adzap                                                                                5. Face painting
  6. Budget Presentation                                                          6. Innovator in Food Industry
  7. Product Packaging                                                            7. Spell Bee
  8. Business Plan
  9. Best Manager
  10. JAM (Just a Minute)

The event started at 10 AM in the morning. The Chief Guest for the event was Mr. M Sathya Kumar, CEO and founder of Tycoon+Advisors. The guest of pride was our own alumini Ms. Sneha Venkatesan who currently works in Ernst and Young as Tax Analyst.

The Chief Guest, Mr M Sathya Kumar gave an inspiring speech on motivation and skills upgradation for students and Ms. Sneha Venkatesan shared her experience in SRM. Then the Chief Guest and Guest of pride started to distribute awards and certificates to the event winners on stage.

Apart from awarding the event winners, The Department of Commerce also awards students who have secured O and A+ grades and are given prizes to motivate their excellence in academics. Students who have 100% attendance are given prizes to appreciate them for their determination and perseverance. From each class, students who have excelled in both academics and extra-curricular activities are nominated for the prestigious Best Student Award, and are interviewed by external interviewer. The students who did well across all the formats were selected as best students and were awarded with prizes and mementos on the day of Comfest on stage. It’s always an honor to get placed after a under graduation degree and Department of Commerce takes this opportunity to award the students who got placed in reputed company with a memento.

The event came to an end with National Anthem. All the students were given with snacks and lunch and all went with smiling faces at the end of the day.


Merx Mercis - Comfest 2K18

Start: 04-04-2018

Organized By Department of Commerce, SRM Institute of Science and Technology

Merx Mercis - Comfest 2K18

Date: April 04, 2018

Time: 10.00 AM

Venue: T.P.Ganesan Auditorium, Mini Hall II



Hands on Training - Workshop on HPLC Technique and It’s Applications

Start: 06-04-2018

This Workshop on HPLC specially tailor-made for the pharmacy, life science graduates and researchers for getting enriched with the applications of HPLC in Allopathic and herbals. The participants will get to know the possibilities of HPLC and become familiar with the fundamental theoretical contexts and taught ways to utilize methods for the qualitative and quantitative analysis under standardized condition sandal so the graduates and researchers can have hands-on expertise training for the operation of HPLC and LC-MS. The

Participants will be shown the capabilities of HPLC along with the possible applications of it in the fields of Herbal, Pharmaceutical and Nanotechnology. Technical terms are explained and participants will learn to carry out identity checks using HPLC fingerprints, both on the theoretical and practical levels.

Dates to Remember

Last Date of Registration: 02nd April 2018

Date of Confirmation: 03rd April 2018

Registration Details:

The Registration Fee

Research Scholars / Students: ₹.750

Scientists from Industry/ Faculty:₹.1000


Faculty/Research Scholars/UG/PG students  From Pharmaceutical Sciences/Life Sciences


Dr. K. Ilango


Dr. R. Mohan Kumar


V. Srikalyani

S. Nandhini

R. Pandiyan

Hands on Training - Workshop on HPLC Technique and It’s Applications


Gameathon by SRM School of Management

Start: 06-04-2018
End: 07-04-2018


SRM School of Management invited few corporate employees, start-ups and entrepreneurs conducted an interactive event called Gameathon for MBA students. The event was inaugurated by Chief Guest Dr.Santhoshbabu, IAS Chairman & MD (TNHDC) followed by Mr.C.K.Kumaravel Co-founder of ‘Naturals’ greeting the students with his experience on entrepreneurial risk and big dreams for reality.

Mr. Sarathbabu, Founder & CEO of Food King, shared his experience on hard work and life challenges to become a successful entrepreneur. Dr.Santhoshbabu, IAS Chairman & MD-TNHDC motivated the students about recent trends in integrity, innovation and technology and he spoke about recent projects developed under Tamilnadu handicraft Development Corporation. Mr.Abhigyan Arun CEO & MD (TNQ) India, spoke about artificial intelligence and its impact on todays' lifestyle with recent examples.

Dr. Kiran Sr.GM (HR) Southern Region, Apollo Hospitals, Southern Region, emphasized the importance of HR and Systems in the real corporate world. The felicitation to the chief guest was done by Dr.V.M.Shenbagaraman, HOD, MBA Department, SRMSOM, SRMIST, Kattankulathur. The convener Dr.K.Santhanalakshmi and K.D.Balaji thanked the gathering of various B-school participants. The event was presided by Prof.N.Sethuraman Registrar of SRMIST.

Future Trends in Mobility Technology

Start: 06-04-2018

Organized By Department of Automobile Engineering, SRM Institute of Science and Technology

One Day Seminar on Future Trends in Mobility Technology

Date: April 06, 2018

Venue: Seminar Hall (First Floor)

Registration Fee Details

Industry Members : Rs.1000
Non IET Members : Rs.500
IET Members : Rs.400

Please fill out the Registration form and send to
Note: Spot registration can be done

Important Date

Last date for registration: 03 April, 2018

Contact Information

Dr. J. Chandradass
Associate Professor
Department of Automobile Engineering
SRMÌST, Kattankulathur - 603203
Kanchipuram District, Tamil Nadu, India.
Mobile : +(91) 9176958220, 9445700101
E mail



Gratitude Day - 2018

Start: 06-04-2018

Organized by Directorate of Student Affairs, SRM Institute of Science and Technology (formerly known as SRM University)

Gratitude Day

Date: Apr 6, 2018

One-day State-level Workshop on Joyful Teaching

Start: 07-04-2018

Organised by SRM School of Teacher Education and Research

One-day state-level workshop on 'Joyful Teaching'

Faculty of Science and Humanities

SRM Institute of Science and Technology

Kattankulathur - 603203

Venue: Semester Seminar Hall

SRM Hostel Day ' 18

Start: 07-04-2018

Organized by SRM Hostels (Ktr Campus)

Venue: Dr.T.P.Ganesan Auditorium

Chief guest: Padmashri V.Baskaran, Indian Olympic Hockey Team Captain 1980 Gold Medal Winner

Hostel day will be celebrated every year during the month of April.

Founder Chancellor, Prov-Vc (P & D), Registrar, Director & other dignitaries will participate in the function.

Sports and cultural prizes will be given to the winners and runners.

The Chancellor and the Chief Guest will address the students of the hostel.

A grand dinner will be arranged after the function gets over where all the inmates of the hostel can participate with the dignitaries. 

Contact Person: Mrs.Renuga Devi

Phone: 9677760272

MAUJ '18 - SRM Hostel Day

Start: 07-04-2018

Venue: Dr.T.P. Ganesan Auditorium

Points of Contact:

Sameer, 9176042695

Varun, 9566016770

hostel day 2018


World Health Day Celebration

Start: 07-04-2018

Organized by Department of Nursing, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences, SRM Institute of Science and Technology (formerly known as SRM University)

World Health Day Celebration

Date: Apr 7, 2018

Understanding the Union Budget 2018 and its Impact Organised for Students of MBA, BBA and B.Com

Start: 08-04-2018


SRM Institute of Science and Technology organized the economy and business based program for the students of MBA, BBA and The guests of honor present were Hon’ble Chancellor of SRMIST Dr. T. R. Paarivendhar, Director of Science and Humanities Dr. Balasubramaniam, Dean Dr.Ponniah. The chief guest of the event was Mr. Soma Valliappan, a popular writer, eminent speaker and an expert in the areas of Human Resource management, personality development and financial investments. He addressed the students on understanding the union budget 2018 and its impact. The lecture was about Indian constitution, India’s GDP, sources of revenue and expenditure. He made the ambiance alive by interacting with the students and faculties. He explored every nook and corner of Arun Jaitelys union budget with his motivational speech, he instilled confidence in every student to become a successful person in future. He also shared about his upcoming thesis on Emotional Intelligence. Hon’ble Chancellor shared his experience about the day’s event with the audience gaining abundant of knowledge on union budget and its impact on Indian economy.

Seminar On " Sale Force"

Start: 09-04-2018

Seminar On " SaleForce&quot
Date: 09-04-2018
Event Name: Seminar On SaleForce
Resource Person: Mr.Rajesh Nambiar
Mr.Rajesh Nambiar from Sales Force organization delivered lecture on Recent Courses and Job availability in Sales Force. Based on the recent NEWS that has been publishing daily on unemployment in the I.T is not because of the unavailability of jobs the main reason behind is the requirements for the job positions are changing from time to time andat present we are in 4 th generation of computing as we look into past info the journey of I.T transformations has started from the IBM Mainframes and heading towards future trends in IoT, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. In this journey most of the software developers has upgraded their knowledge and skills towards new technologies. Salesforce is a leading SaaS(Software as a Service) platform based organisation working on ERP [Enterprise Resource Planning] and CRM [Customer Relationship Management] solutions. It was predicted that there will be 3 Lakh new positions will be generated in their organisation and ready to hire the individuals who adopt the new technologies mentioned above. To satisfy this demand they came with a new career development platform named TRAILHEAD which will help them to collaborate directly with all the individual job seekers. Trailhead is a free and Inside platform there are options to self-learn trending technologies, earn badges and super- badges for the progress and Lead their career with the sales force clients. railhead’s initial content is targeted toward beginning and intermediate users overtime they plan to cover more advanced topics so Trailhead is a useful resource for system administrators and developers at all levels of experience the long term goal of the trailhead project is to transform how customers learn to use sales force. Trailhead contains 50 hours course and user profiles will be awarded a wide variety of badges for solving the challenges given which will help the recruiters to hire directly. The user who earns 100 badges will be called Ranger and several more positions are awarded. The sales force wants the students of SRM to organise a committee to participate actively in Trailhead platform and improve their skills and knowledge to get placed in the fortune companies who uses sales force platform for ERP and CRM.

Workshop on Management Development Program

Start: 09-04-2018

Organized by Department of MBA, Faculty of Management, SRM Institute of Science and Technology (formerly known as SRM University)

Workshop on Management Development Program

Date: Apr 9, 2018

10th National Conference on Nature, Culture, Language, and Literature - Environmental Narratives and Critical Practices

Start: 16-04-2018
End: 17-04-2018

Organised by the Department of English and Foreign Languages

In collaboration with:

ELS Language Centers

Publishing Partner

Edupedia Publications Pvt. Ltd.

This conference will investigate the ways in which literature can explore the depth of nature-culture relations and avenues that establish paradigms of 'new consciousness', by examining the practices and representations in the long tradition of literature, ranging from the pastoral to the postmodern environmental narratives. It will also offer a platform to analyze cultural history, texts, forms, and practices and thereby new approaches for the sustenance and enrichment of our cultural ecology. This conference invites research papers in the following themes, but it does not restrict its boundary. The scholars are encouraged to develop their research papers in the emerging interdisciplinary areas pertaining to the main theme of the conference.

Important Dates:

The last date for submitting the Abstract and Full Paper is 07 April, 2018

Note: Papers should be written in IJR Format.

Participants are requested to mail the Abstracts in 250 Words to

Publication Details:

Papers will be published in UGC Approved journal (International Journal of Research).

Dr.K.Anbazhagan  - 9444452515

Dr. Narayan Jena -  9962660781

For Further details please feel free to contact:
Dr. P. Tamilarasan - 9444174877
Ms. J. Marteena - 9597619914
Ms. K. Shankari - 9487749781
Mr. B. Vijay kumar - 9884971444




10th National conference on Nature, Culture, Language, and Literature: Narratives and Critical Practices

Start: 16-04-2018
End: 17-07-2018

In the last couple of decades, Nature, more specially, environment has not only been the center of academic and industrial research, but also has made way into human consciousness. Environment no longer remains a term with scientific connotation, but has acquired significant position in humanities and social sciences research. When scientific inventions have failed to offer any effective solution to curb spiralling environmental problems through its technological methods, Humanities, especially literature and philosophy have located the roots of such problems in human consciousness and socio-cultural system. Thus fields of humanities attempt to reengineer such systems by edifying human consciousness with an objective to bring about permanent solution to such problems. So, it is now a necessity to re-examine nature oriented literature that has the potential to redirect our minds and imagination from ‘ego-consciousness’ and ‘ethno-consciousness’ to ‘eco-consciousness’. We need to study the literature which questions Western ideologies, which have created binaries that separate men from women, mind from matter, humanity from nature. This 10th National conference on Nature, Culture, Language, and Literature: Narratives and Critical Practices investigated the ways literature explores the depth of nature-culture relations and tried to find new avenues to establish paradigms of ‘new consciousness by examining the practices and representations in the long tradition of literature ranging from the pre-historic to the postmodern time.

The conference began on 16th April 2018  forenoon with an invocation and lighting of lamp. The inaugural function was graced by the Vice-Chancellor of SRMIST, Dr. SandeepSancheti, Registrar, Dr. N. Sethuraman, Pro Vice-Chancellor, EFL University, Hyderabad,Prof. Kilash Chandra Baral, Convenor of the Conference, Prof. K Anbzhaghan and other dignitaries from other institutions. The inaugural was presided by Dr. Sancheti. Dr. K. Anbazhagan  welcomed the gathering and presented a synoptic view of the conference. The special address was delivered by the Registrar, and it was followed by the address of the Chief Guest. The Chief Guest Dr. Baral highlighted the continuity of the connect between nature and culture in the Indian tradition. He invoked the Puranic literature to create a new consciousness in which we can understand the cosmic equation of human nature relations. He further emphasised on the logic of our age old practices that are in consonance with nature and on the need for conjoining the metanarratives with minor narratives for the demolition of polar oppositions. The Inaugural came to an end at 11.30 am with the Vote of Thanks by Dr. B. Cauveri.

The key note of the conference was set by Dr. Rayson K. Alex, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, BITS Pilani, Goa. He focused on the politics of identity, eco-ethical practices and environmental conservation and how the belief system of indigenous Indians help in protecting the natural environment despite all changes brought about by techno-science. Although technological advancement is undeniable, yet technology must not interfere with the conventions and create knowledge systems which make people sceptical about their traditional practices.

The Keynote address was followed by a Plenary Address by Dr. Padma V Mckertich, from the Department of English, Stella Maris College, Chennai. Her topic of presentation was “From Peninsula: Literary Studies and Ecology in India”. She offered an overview of how and in what historical context the idea of environment and ecology entered into Indian creative and critical consciousness. The plenary was followed by a session of paper presentation. Fifteen participants presented their innovative thoughts, ideas, postulations and theories during this session. The session was quite interactive and many ideas emerged from the scholarly discussions and discourses.

The second day of the conference, 17th April 2018, began with the plenary address titled “Bringing Nature into English Classroom: Using Eco-literature for LSRW Activities” by Dr. T Murugavel. In the course of his presentation, Dr Murugavel focused on how to sensitise young minds about the environmental conditions by teaching them literature concerning environment and ecology. He further emphasised on teaching English language through literature, wherein environmental literature necessarily plays pivotal role. He also talked about offering learners a first-hand experience of nature to develop their creative consciousness. It was followed by two sessions of paper presentations by researchers, faculty members, students and subject experts. The sessions were profoundly vibrant. And the final plenary was addressed by Mr. Padmanabhan Oppili, Senior Journalist and environmental Editor of The Times of India, Chennai. His speech focused on the use of plain and simple English by the media in representing and taking environmental issues to the common man. He also illustrated how such representations conspire to affect readers, NGOs, Government, and policy makers at both local and global level.

Towards the end of the second day, the Undergraduate and Post-graduate students of the Department of English and Foreign Languages staged a few cultural programmes, which won the appreciation of the audience. That was followed by the Valedictory Function. Dr. Narayana Jena, the Conference Coordinator presented a report on the events that took place during the conference. The Valedictory Address was given by Dr. Girish Kunjuraman, Deputy Dean and Vice principal, SRM Medical College and Research Centre. He viewed environment as a living system and as a necessity for all living beings, and highlighted the importance of living in harmony with nature. He said that human beings are a part of nature, and in the course of destroying it, they are destroying themselves. He convincingly argued that the protection of nature entails the protection of humanity. The function ended with the Vote of Thanks by Dr. Uma Maheswari. And the conference successfully came to an end with the national anthem and a cheerful hope for other such successful events in future.

Report Prepared by Dr. Narayan Jena, Conference Coordinator, Assistant Professor, Department of English and Foreign Languages, SRMIST, Chennai and Dr. B. Cauveri, Assistant Professor, Department of English and Foreign Languages, SRMIST, Chennai.

Special Campaign for Voice Disorders

Start: 18-04-2018
End: 30-04-2018

Organized by Department of Audiology & Speech Language Pathology, SRM Institute of Science and Technology (formerly known as SRM University)

Special Campaign for Voice Disorders 

Date: April 18-30, 2018

Monday to Friday (8.00 AM - 3.00 PM)                        
Saturdays (8 AM - 12 PM)

Venue: Department of Audiology and Speech Language Pathology, 'C ' block, First floor, SRM Hospital



Inhouse CNE on Special Concerns of older Persons

Start: 19-04-2018

Organized by Department of Nursing, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences, SRM Institute of Science and Technology (formerly known as SRM University)

Inhouse CNE on How Old is Old? Special Concerns of older Persons

Date: Apr 19, 2018

SciConnect - 2018

Start: 23-04-2018

SciConnect - 2018

Project Day

Organised by the Departments of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry

Date: 23 April 2018 

Venue: Ground floor, University Building,

SRM Institute of Science and Technology,


PANACEA - 2018

Start: 27-04-2018
End: 28-04-2018

SRM Medical College Hospital and Research Centre, an esteemed institute offering a plethora of opportunities at the career ladder, celebrated their cultural event ‘PANACEA – 2018’ 10th of its edition on April 27 & 28. Over the years, Panacea has become one of the most popular, star studded and rewarding inter medical college cultural event of recent times. It has provided a platform to showcase a range of talents and has supplied the guaranteed entertainment.
The event was inaugurated by the renowned Director of Indian Cinema, Gautham Vasudev Menon, Vice Chancellor of SRM Deemed to be University Dr. Sandeep Sancheti, graced the occasion along with the Director and Dean of Medical Sciences.
The present year’s PANACEA celebrates 10 years, with fun filled events & programs of two days like Variety show, Coffee with SRM, Shipwreck, Indian Dance, Adzap, Adaptune, Pro Show, Movie Dub, Connections, Solo Singing, Short Film, Treasure Hunt, Face Painting, Pot painting, Minute to Win it and Channel Surfing.
Students from Medical colleges all over India participated in various activities and interacted with the Chief Guest Director, Gautham Menon; where he answered few questions of the students, one of which said that every day is a learning experience and there is no life without experiencing different things. The event is expected to see a list of stars at its valedictory with innovative and fun filled events.

Nurses's Day Celebration

Start: 27-04-2018

Organized by Department of Nursing, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences, SRM Institute of Science and Technology (formerly known as SRM University)

Nures's Day Celebration

Date: Apr 27, 2018