About the department

The future of Computing and IT systems rests here. The department's mission is to advance, evolve and enhance Computer Science and Software Engineering fundamentals to build the intellectual capital of research and students. The CSE Department Endeavour’s to be an important regional, national, and international resource center for the development of Computing, IT and Software systems and applications. The department is witnessing a period of exciting growth and opportunity propelled by the top ranking it achieved recently. CSE boasts a vibrant student body of about 1600 undergraduate and 300 postgraduate students and a stellar faculty of professors and lecturers.


The B.Tech. in CSE is a broad and flexible degree program with the curriculum specifically designed to reflect the depth and breadth of computer science. The B.Tech in Software Engineering is a specialized program to suit industry needs with the curriculum designed by industry experts. To further enhance the quality of the programs, the department has academic collaborations with international professors from universities like Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburg, USA.

The postgraduate program prepares scholars to become leaders in knowledge-driven professions by providing a learning environment strongly focused on collaborative, interdisciplinary research. Students learn to reach across traditional academic boundaries, to seek the knowledge and resources needed to solve important technological problems. The educational experience helps students choose from a number of challenging paths to reach their goal of a degree in a particular discipline. Apart from the M.Tech. Program in CSE, the department offers M.Tech in Software Engineering and M.Tech in Knowledge Engineering.

The department has well-qualified and experienced faculty who are specialists in the various domains like databases, artificial intelligence, web services and networks. There are a sizable number of senior faculty members with over 15 years of experience in the stream. A good number of faculty have undergone training and are certified through Faculty Empowerment Workshop conducted by WIPRO MISSION10X. Our faculty have published 49 research papers in reputed international and national journals and presented 114 research papers in various international and national conferences.

Research & Consultancy
There are 7 faculty research groups in the department comprising databases, soft computing, web services, biometrics, networks, cloud computing and mobile OS. There are around 60 Ph.D scholars doing their research which includes part time internal and external. The department got a grant from DRDO for doing research on Mobile Adhoc Networks, subsequently a Research lab on Wireless Sensor Networks has been setup.

The department in collaboration with NOKIA has setup an Open Innovation lab for developing mobile applications.. The department received a grant from The Institution of Engineers for the Project on 'Non-invasive Brain Computer Interfacing'. As an outcome of that a unique Brain Computer Interface lab has been setup for doing research on BCI related areas.

Major Events & Achievements
The CSE Department organizes national conferences, seminars, student symposia, short-term training program and value added courses. This provides a wide range of opportunities for faculty and students to bring out their potential and innovative skills in a variety of fields. The department has conducted national conferences on current trends in computer technology, computer vision AI & robotics and a conference on Impact of Computing Technologies in various scientific fields. The department regularly conducts International/National workshops and the notable ones are Wireless Sensor Networks, Research challenges in Soft Computing, Service Oriented Architecture, and Next Generation Optical Networks. A national level student symposium named 'Seventh Sense' received wide publicity and response.

Under the Faculty Abroad Programme, 8 of our faculty have been sponsored by the university to visit different universities like, Carnegie Mellon University-USA, University of Southern California-USA and LIN-YI university- china.

Students are also sponsored to attend seminars abroad. Some of our students have been sponsored by the management to attend and present papers in international conferences held at Korea, Austin (USA), San Diego (USA), New Zealand and Muscat. A few students and faculty have published international papers in countries like Germany, Spain and Italy.  Under the 'Semester Abroad Program', 21 students have been sent to different universities like Massachusetts Institute of Technology-USA, Carnegie Mellon University-USA, University of California-Davis USA, University of Wisconsin-USA and University of Western Australia-Australia.

Our students have participated in an international Satellite competition named CANSAT conducted by National Aeronautical Society, USA and won prizes. Every year CSE students participate in National ROBOT competitions and have won prizes.

Industrial connection
The CSE Department works closely with several related industries of repute. These relationships facilitate joint research, funded projects, and the opportunity to learn the latest technologies.
Experts from industries and leading institutions are invited every fortnight for technical lectures under the association activities. The department Corporate Advisory Board includes senior executives from IBM, Microsoft, Wipro, Infosys and CISCO. Students are sent on industrial visits to companies and they also undergo in-plant training at industries.

The CSE Department effectively prepares students to pursue leadership, technical, and management positions in a variety of industries. Students have obtained successful placements at leading companies like IBM, Infosys, Wipro, Cognizant, TCS, Satyam, Microsoft etc. Some of the alumni are successful entrepreneurs abroad.