Basic Electronics Lab

Automation Lab

This is our busiest set of laboratories, in terms of utilization. Its overall needs are versatility and generality, in view of the many basic course needs it serves.... MORE

MEMS Design Lab

This lab is intended to explore the properties of digital circuits, including noise margins, propagation delay times, and aspects of integrated circuit realization....MORE

Electronic Circuit Lab
Communication Engineering Lab

Process Control Lab

The concepts of all type of modulation & demodulation can be studied. The recent communication techniques can be demonstrated with available equipments. ....MORE

Transducers Lab

The aim of this laboratory is to provide required computing and simulations facilities to the undergraduate students in order to meet their requirements of computer engineering profession...  MORE

Computing Lab

Virtual Instrumentation Lab

The laboratory combines both hardware and software facilities. The DSP lab is equipped with 25 sets of personal computers, oscilloscopes, Texas Instruments DSP cards ...  MORE