Corporate Advisory Board

The corporate advisory board (CAB), as a part of Faculty of Physics and Nanotechnology (FPN), is looking for industrial, government and academic affiliates.  The primary goal of the CAB is to provide the assessment, promote the needs, trends and challenges of industry. This is done with regular audits. However, the powerful assets of CAB, related to the department vision/objectives, are as follows (particularly no order);

  • Creates a strong link between industry and the department and expected to contribute more in achieving FPN’ strategic vision/goals and objectives.
  • Reviewing, revitalizing, & advancing the implementation of academic work programmes.
  • Insists technical expertise and recruits students with appropriate inter/intra personal skills on a regular basis
  • Functionalized advocacies of FPN’ lines-of-actions (work-force plans)
If you would like to involve in CAB, please contact

Current Members

Dr. Kota Murali
Chief Nanotechnologist
IBM India

Dr. T. S. Kumaravel
Founder Chairman
GLR Labs Pvt Ltd

Dr. S.S. Murugan
Managing Director
GLR Labs Pvt Ltd

Dr.Nitin S. Kale
Chief Technology Officer
Nanosniff Technologies Pvt Ltd

Mr.Pravin A.Pandharkame
Vice President -Works
Nano Inks and Coatings Pvt Ltd.
Sarigam -Gujarat.

Mr. Shiva Balivada
NanoLand Global Ltd, LONDON

Dr. Shyam Sunder Tiwari
Managing Director 
Sensors Technology Private Limited 

Dr. A.R. Phani
Managing Director
Nano-RAM Technologies, Bangalore