Organized by Department of Directorate of Research

Date: Sep 14, 2017 to Sep 16, 2017 

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Organized by Department of Physics, SRM University

Date: Aug 09, 2017 to Aug 11, 2017

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தமிழ்ப்பேராய விருதுகள் - 2017

Organized by Department of Mechanical Engineering, SRM University

Date: May 12 to May 18, 2017

Venue: Department of Mechanical Engineering, SRM University

Program Highlights :

  • The FDP will cover the different aspects of mechanical properties of metals, ceramics, polymers and composites, which include
  • Elastic and plastic deformation under static and dynamic loads
  • Failure by yielding, fracture, fatigue, creep and wear
  • Structure and texture property relationship
  • Effect of severe plastic deformation
  • Superplasticity
  • Modeling, simulation and optimization

Contact Person:

Mr.  Shubrajit Bhaumik / Mr. M.Dhanasekaran
Assistant Professor
Department of Mechanical Engineering
SRM University, Kattankulathur 603 203
Tamil Nadu, India
Mobile : 9840439097 / 7708366813

Mechanical Behaviour of Structural Materials
12th - 18th May 2017
List of Speakers
  Speakers Organization
1. Dr. R. Sandhya IGCAR Kalpakkam
2. Dr. M. Vasudevan IGCAR Kalpakkam
3. Dr. A. Moitra IGCAR Kalpakkam
4. Dr. S. Ganesh Sundara Raman IIT Madras
5. Dr. Subramshu Shekar Bhattacharya IIT Madras
6. Dr. S. Sankaran IIT Madras
7. Dr. Uday Chakkingal IIT Madras
8. Dr. S. Kundu Tata Steel, Jamshedpur
9. Dr. S. Tarafder CSIR-NML, Jamshedpur
10. Dr. A.K. Mukhopadhyay CSIR-CGCRI, Kolkata
11. Prof. M.K. Banerjee MNIT, Jaipur
12. Prof. Sumit Basu IIT Kanpur
13. Prof. S.D. Pathak SRM University
14. Prof. S. Datta SRM University
15. Dr. G.S. Vinod Kumar SRM University




Organized by Department of Mechatronics, Engineering and Technology, SRM University

Date: May 05, 2017 to May 06, 2017

Last Date for Registration: April 07, 2017



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