A Seminar on Leadership and Teamwork

Start: 20-07-2017

Organised by Department of Commerce, Faculty of Science & Humanities, SRM Institute of Science and Technology (formerly known as SRM University)

A Seminar on Leadership and Teamwork

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest and the department has never failed to impart knowledge in students. The department of commerce has organised a seminar on Leadership and Teamwork which is the most important function of an HR manager. This has been coordinated by, Mr.A.P.Sebastian, Mr.J.Prabhuraj. In this seminar, the students have been taught various technical aspects that an HR manager should know. The session started with Mr.Sebastin Sir’s speech on good team work and the bad teamwork which he explained with a help of a thought provoking video.The session was then taken over by Mr.Prabhuraj sir who started to explain the concepts in HR such as Six Sigma concept.

Management Games

In the middle of the session, the students have been divided into eight teams with a leader for each which the team members have selected. Management games have conducted to ensure and enhance the team work between the teams so that they have a better coordination with the respective team members. In the end, students have been asked for feedbacks.