SRM Hackathon

Start: 12-10-2018
End: 13-10-2018

Organised by Department of Information Technology, SRM Institute of Science and Technology

SRM Hackathon is a platform where participants unveil the developer within themselves and come up with viable solutions to solve real-life problems ranging from agriculture to sports and fitness to e-commerce. SRM Hackathon provides budding coders and developers with a platform where they can showcase their technical skills and then work upon them to come up with solutions of the different problems in various fields. The developers are asked to come and build their products that would lay a helping hand in building the future bit by bit. With several sponsors to its name, SRM Hackathon is a national level event inviting participants from various corners of the country.

Ideas have to be submitted by 2nd October 2018, based on any one of the themes described on the website. Those lucky enough to get shortlisted will get an opportunity to participate in the 36 hours live event that will take place on the 12th and 13th of October, 2018 at Mini Hall 1 and Mini Hall 2. They will then work upon the submitted idea from scratch to transform it into reality. Developers from all over the country should get ready to put their brains to work, convert all the technical thoughts into reality and fight for the title.

The winners will be awarded prizes worth 8 Lakhs and there would be numerous special prizes apart from the main prizes to be given to various deserving teams and individuals. To know more.