Workshop on "Foundations of Virtualization"

Start: 24-01-2019
End: 25-01-2019

Organised by the Department of Information Technology, SRM Institute of Science and Technology.

Overview of the Workshop

The basic infrastructure of the cloud is empowered by virtualization. It enables the delivery of intricate cloud services that is easily scalable in a cost-effective manner. One fundamental attribute of virtualization is the concept of partitioning. This enables supporting of multiple operating systems under one single server. Being in an individually enclosed environment assures of enhanced security without being intruded by the other machines and preserves individuality from other applications. Virtualization has enabled the cloud to be sold as a commodity based on utility.

Registration Details

  • Registration Fee Rs.750/-
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  • Last Date for completing registration form - Jan 22,  2019.

    For Registration, Contact

    • Ms.S. Srividhya, Asst. Professor, 9003425149