Daksha Jain Soni

Area: Optometry and Vision Science
Mail: daksha.g@ktr.srmuniv.ac.in
Affiliation: Department of Ophthalmology, SRM Medical College Hospital and Research Centre, Kattankulathur

B.S. Optometry Elite School of Optometry, BITS Pilani, 2007

Other Details:


  • Optometric Instrumentation
  • Low vision aids
  • Occupational optometry
  • Ocular Physiology
  • Clinical Refraction
  • Binocular vision
  • Pediatric optometry  &  Squint

Research Interests

  • Low vision
  • Occupational Optometry
  • Contact Lens

Academic Experiences

  • Lecturer , Optometry,  Current, Department of Ophthalmology, SRM Medical College Hospital and Research Center, SRM University, since August 2013
  • Lecturer - Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University, Medical College, School of Optometry, Pune, from June 2011 to November 2012
  • Tutor, Dr. D. Y Patil Institute of Optometry & Visual Science, Pimpri, Pune from April 2010 to May 2011

Other Professional Experience:

  • Consulting Optometrist & Contact Lens Specialist- OPTIQUE Eye, Ear & Speech Pvt. Ltd, Pune, from January 2009 to March 1010
  •  Consulting Optometrist, Eyecove Ophthalmology Clinic, Pune

Achievements and Awards:

  • Srimathi Pramila Singh Memorial Prize for Best Performance in General Physiology (2007)
  • Dr S Ramaswamy Prize for Best Performance in Anatomy(2007)
  • Prof. G Kannian Prize for Best Performance in Physical Optics(2007)
  • Sri S M Mehta Prize for Best Performance in Nutrition(2007)

Workshops Attended:

  • Attended the “Eye Teach” educator programme conducted by IVI, Hyderabad in October 2011
  • Attended a  “Pedagogic Teachers Training & Personnel Effectiveness Workshop”  conducted by Manipal University in October 2010




J. Daniel Glad Stephen
Mr. J. Daniel Glad Stephen

Assistant Professor (Sr.G)
Area: Mechanical Engineering (CAD/ CAM)
Affiliation: Department of Mechanical Engineering, Kattankulathur campus, SRM University



M.E  CAD / CAM Anna University, 2008

Other Details:


  • Engineering mechanics
  • Machines and Mechanisms
  • CAD & Analysis
  • Metrology and Quality Control
  • Introduction to Robotics
  • Operation Research

Research Interests

  • Biomaterials

Selected Publications

  • J. Daniel Glad Stephen, G.M. Brahmanandhan, “Effect on Surface Roughness of Laser Ablated SS321 Material Coated with Graphene and SiC”, Indian Journal of Science and Technology, volume 9(34), 2016. (Scopus indexed).
  • J. Daniel Glad Stephen, G.M. Brahmanandhan, Aranav Das, M. Syed Zameeruddin, “Result of laser ablation and flame test on SiC, Graphene, CNT coated AISI 321”, Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, 10 (1), 2017, pp. 469 – 472. (Scopus indexed).

Working Papers

  • With D.Raja, “An alternative method for generating cad model of lumbar vertebrae through Coordinate Measuring Machine”.

Work in Progress

  • "Error analysis in reverse engineering using portable CMM"

Academic Experience

  • Lecturer, Bharath University. From 2009 to may 2010
  • Assistant Professor , SRM University, From July 2010- till now

Conferences/Seminars/Workshops Attended

  • Participated in the short term course on “Vibration and noise for practicing engineers” held during September 2007 at Anna University, Chennai.
  • Attended faculty development program MISSION10X during July 2011.
  • Participated in a short term course on "Fatigue and Fracture mechanisms" between Feb 01 to 06, 2016 held in SRM University.
  • Participated in a short term course on "Development, manufacturing and Analysis of Advanced Composites" between Dec 19 to 24,2016 held in SRM University.
  • Participated in a Faculty Development Program on "Intellectual Property Rights & Innovations" on Jan 06,2017 held in SRM University.
  • Presented a paper titled, " Bio Implant materials: Requirements, Types & properties - A Review" in International Conference on Advanced Functional Materials on May 05, 2017 held in ADHI college of engineering and technology, Kanchipuram.
  • Participated in a Faculty Development Program on "Insights into Research" on June 29,2017 held in SRM University.





M.Daniel Rajkumar
M.Daniel Rajkumar

Asst.Professor (O.G)

Area: Business Administration
Affiliation: School of Management, Kattankulathur Campus, SRM University.

MBA  Management Sathyabama University, 2004

Other Details:


  • Management

Research Interests

  • Finance

Selected Publications

  • M. Daniel Rajkumar and Emmanuel Attah Kumah ‘Impact of financial reforms on the banking system in Ghana’ in a national journal, Issue 1, ISSN 2231-0290. (Jan –June 2013)
  • D. Kasthuri and M. Daniel Rajkumar in internal journal of IJM volume 3.” A discussion on how to improve ngo effectiveness and emphasize its contribution towards good governance” ISSN 0976-6502 with a impact factor of 1.5. , issue 1 Jan-Aprial 2012
  • B. Geethanjali, L. M. Hansa & M. Daniel “An optimization of effective energy management as a tool to facilitate managers in the WIT Transactions on Ecology and Environment, Volume 105-Energy and sustainability”, ISBN: 978-1-84564-082-8, 2007, Section I : Energy Resources.
  • M. Daniel Rajkumar and S.S. Rau ( July 2009), “An analysis of mutual fund performance by applying Z-Score” , International Journal on Information Sciences and Computing, Vol. 3, No.2 ISSN: 0973-9092 pp.58-62.
  • M. Daniel Rajkumar and S.S. Rau ( January 2009), The impact of investment style consistency on Mutual fund performance with the application of Z-Score”, Economic Challenger- Quarterly Journal of Management, Issue 42, No 11, ISSN : 0975-1351, pp, 64-68.
  • Dr. R Satish and M. Daniel Rajkumar Vol. 1 issue 1 Jan – June 2011 ‘value creation in Indian banking industry: an analysis’ ISSN 2231-0290.
  • D. Kasthuri and M. Daniel Rajkumar in internal journal of IJMRD vol. 1 number 2 May-Oct 2011 ‘An appraisal on small firms corporate culture and innocation: implications for reward systems’, ISSN 2248-938  with a impact factor of 0.9710
  • D. Kasthuri and M. Daniel Rajkumar in national journal of JMRD volume 1, Number 1, Jan – April 2011 ‘work life balance in India- An Innovative Approach’ ISSN 2248-937X with a impact factor of 0.9210.

Academic Experiences

  • Assistant Professor, Faculty of Management, SRM University, Since November 2011.
  • Lecturer, MBA Department, St.Mary’s School of Management Studies, Chennai, August 2005 to June 2011.

Other Professional Experiences

  • Finance Officer, World Vision Organisation, June 2004 to July 2005.
  • Chairperson, Technical session during International Conference on Sustainable Manufacturing and Operations Management (ISOM-2013) 26 -28 June 2013,Le Meridian Hotel – Mauritius, organized by The University of Mauritius, and Global Institute, Amritsar, India.

Achievements & Awards

  • Best Teacher in the management stream for southern region awarded by Global Institutes Amritsar ( India).