"Multi-disciplinary approaches in public health: Innovations Practices and Future Strategies"

Sub Themes
Public Health Policy
Public Health Education
Pharmacovigilance in Public Health
AYUSH and Public Health, Community Health
Public Health Nursing, Public Health Engineering
Health Analytics, Public Health Ethics and Legalities
Veterinary Public Health, Occupational and Industrial Health
Public Health Promotion and Behaviour Change Communication
Migration Refugees and Urban Public Health, Public Health Nutrition
Hospitality Industry and Public Health, Economics of Public Health
Reproductive and Child Health Management in Public Health
Water Sanitation and Hygiene, Equity Issues in Public Health
Environmental Public Health, Public Health Research
CSR in Public Health, Role of NGOs in Public Health
Medical Public Health, Public Health Dentistry
Information Technology and Public Health
Disaster and Public Health

The Conference: Global Public Health Conference brings together various public health professionals on one platform to share their innovations, research findings and experience to the international audience focusing on Multi-disciplinary approaches in public health. The intended audience for the Conference on Public Health includes public health administrators, environmental health specialists, nurses, dietitians, social workers, pediatricians, dentists, health educators, statisticians, epidemiologists, laboratory scientists, mental health professionals, veterinarians, and others interested in promoting health of individuals, families and communities. Students in public health, health education/promotion, or other allied health sciences are also welcome. Though this conference we aim to bring together various disciplines who are directly and indirectly contributing to the improvement of public health under the broad umbrella of "Multi-disciplinary Approach" to strategize and address the emerging public health issue globally.

About The University: SRM University with multiple institutions established 28 years ago is one of the largest private and top ranking Universities in India with over 20,000 students and around 2,000 faculties, offering a wide range of undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs. SRM University is the first private University in India to launch the Nano satellite named, SRMSAT: it has been designed by students and faculties of SRM University. Added to the crowning glory for the SRM University is that the 98th Indian Science Congress was hosted with the theme "Quality Education and Excellence in Scientific Research in Indian Universities", was formally inaugurated by the Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh in which more than 10,400 delegates from India and abroad including six Nobel Laureates has participated.

About the School of Public Health: Emerging as a School of Excellence in the 6 years of its genesis, our faculty brings rich experience in multiple disciplines and have hands on experience in local, national, and international health settings. Our capabilities in research, knowledge and practice have been tested time to time and proven successful. SPH intercepts into many inter related disciplines, which have key elements in common that bring us together with other subject specialties. School of Public Health, because of its unique standing is a powerful tool in bringing balance between research and action. Postgraduate and research program in the School of Public Health is designed for graduates, who aspire to be leaders and professionals in public health, who aspire to reach high-level roles nationally and internationally.

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