SRM Congratulates Yagneseni Roy on Joining MIT, USA

Yagnaseni Roy Talking From Her Heart!!

I am so excited to share with you that I have just received the admission letter from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA for MS program starting Fall 2013.

On this very happy occasion, I feel a deep gratitude for everyone who has helped this miracle to happen, specially the entire SRM community! Most importantly, however, I must say that my parents, Dr. Sima Roy and Dr Malay Roy have been the biggest pillars of support. Being born into a family of doctors, they were initially a little hesitant for their only daughter to take up Engineering. However, being of such liberal and kind nature, they allowed me to follow my dreams and hopefully, they have gained some faith on me today.

I would like to thank  SRM for introducing this incredible program, the 'Semester Abroad Program' which has helped so many students like me. In early 2011, when I was selected for SAP, it initiated the hey days of my career. The SAP is itself a great way for students to explore their highest potential and pave the way for future endeavours. Personally, I feel I was exceptionally lucky, since not only did I receive a scholarship from the SRM, but I also went on to meet some incredible people who changed my life.  The independent project at MIT and later final year project  at IIT Madras  helped me to strike a difference.

After coming back from the MIT, I received tremendous help from my esteemed teachers at SRM, who helped me catch up with the studies here.  In the tight-knit community of SRM, I feel that the help and moral support from my friends was extremely helpful all along.

Though I have throughout tried to maintain a good academic profile, especially in terms of my college CGPA, GRE and TOEFL scores etc, I feel that for gaining admission into the MIT, the experience collected over the past few years, especially during the SAP were what really brought this happy day to me. My four years of undergraduate studies has made me into a more mature individual in both professionally and personally.

On the whole, I feel that my four years at the SRM have been the most productive period in my life so far and I'd like to thank the management for allowing me to avail the opportunities that SRM is so acclaimed for!

Yagnaseni Roy
Department of Mechanical Engineering