Year Presentor Conference /Clinical Meet Paper
2012 Dr.K.G.Divya MCCM Atypical hansen’s disease
2012 Dr.K.G.Divya Hair India 2012 A study of hair and scalp disorders in children
2012 Dr.K.G.Divya Dermazone South 2012 Pentazocine induced pseudoscleroderma(award)
2012 Dr.K.G.Divya Cuticontn -2012 Granulomatous rosacea

2012 Dr.Senthil Dermazone South Disseminated tuberculosis  with cutaneous lupus vulgaris
2012 Dr.Senthil Cuticontn -2012 Ellis vancreveld syndrome  
2012 Dr.Senthil Asticon 2012 Kochi Donovaniosis- a case report
2013 Dr.Sumyuktha Cuticontn -2013 Granular cell tumour in a 17 year old boy
2013 Dr.Sumyuktha Dermacon 2013 Cholesterol embolisation sydrome
2013 Dr.Sathish Dermacon 2013 Urbach Weithe Disease in  three siblings