Clinics and facilities

The department has a full-fledged outpatient department. But the main focus is on the orthopaedic ward. The spacious, 90 beds orthopaedic ward dedicates 30 beds to women. Since the hospital is next to a busy highway, lots of RTA cases arrive in casualty and an orthopaedic specialist is always on call. The ward is well-staffed and has all the instruments necessary for handling simple to compound fracture cases.

For poly trauma patients, the department has ICUs where blood pressure, pulse rate, heart rate, saturation and perfusion are monitored. Two fully qualified plaster technicians and support personnel like nurses take care of the patients in the wards and ICUs. The operation theaters are fully functional and several types of operations take place:

  • Interlocking nails
  • Dynamic hip screws
  • Hemiarthroplasty
  • Open reduction with internal fixation with plate and screw
  • Arthroscopy surgery on knee joints
  • Spine: laminectomy and disc excision and fusion with instrumentation
  • External fixators of various types
  • Total knee and total hip replacement