Clinics and Facilities

The department has fully serviced outpatient and inpatient clinics to care for children who are the victims of diseases and other problems. The outpatient department has seen a rise of about 3282 new cases and 950 revisiting children every month. The general paediatric ward has a bed strength of 90 and separate cubicles for treating children affected with communicable disease. The clinics also have a laboratory, an emergency treatment room, a pantry and a library-cum-seminar room for instructing students.

Neonatal Services

With a total bed strength of 5, the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) has all the facilities to take care of sick newborn babies. Its special feature is the separate cubicle for babies born outside. Mothers are encouraged to feed their babies and a special room is provided. The NICU is equipped with ventilators, incubators, phototherapy units, monitors, oxygen and suction ports, and resuscitation kits, and has a separate procedure room handled by trained nurses. The operation theater, labor room and the aseptic labor room have resuscitation units. A transport incubator is available to transport babies from other places.

Paediatric Intensive Care Unit

The 5-bedded Paediatric Intensive Care Unit is fully equipped with monitors, oxygen ports, suction unit and emergency drugs, ventilators and is placed in the care of experienced nurses. The department has a senior qualified paediatric surgeon to deal with all surgical problems.

Special Clinics

  • The immunization clinic has vaccines for children and administers them freely for inborn babies and for out born babies subsidized rates. Strict asepsis and preservation of cold chain is maintained by the use of ILR
  • The Well Baby Clinic monitors the growth and development of the children. Mothers are also given advice on proper feeding
  • Clinics in child guidance, child rehabilitation, asthma, hematology, high risk newborn, Thalassemia, Gastroenterology including diarrhea, Neurology, Nephrology, well baby, Endocrinology and Cardiology are conducted are regularly