Students get to learn the most modern psychological techniques that are being used all over the world to counsel, treat and guide patients. At present, the Psychiatry Department comprises psychiatrists, a psychiatric nurse and a social worker. Soon a psychologist will join the team.


Undergraduate students are given a firm base in the science of psychiatry through a rigorous teaching program that balances theory and clinical demonstration. The students are given clinical postings in the fifth semester.

Clinical services

The outpatient department receives patients from all walks of life, with problems that range from minor mental disturbances to major disorders. Faculty members actively provide child guidance as well as suicide prevention services and consultation. They also conduct lectures on stress management for the industrial population. The department also has inpatient facilities with 13 beds. Special care is taken for addiction cases and motivational counseling.

Research and consultancy

The department is involved in ongoing research on "Life Events and Attempted Suicide". Another research study on the "Prevalence of Obsessions and Compulsions in Psychiatric Cases" is underway. Students and faculty members actively participate and present papers in conferences, seminars and Continuing Medical Education (CME) programs.

Continuing Medical Education (CME) program

The CME involves a series of debates, seminars and talks on recent medical developments and future course of psychiatry as a science. During World AIDS Day, for instance, the "Psychiatric Aspects of HIV/AIDS" was taken up and backed by a talk on counseling. During World Mental Health week in early October 2007, a symposium on suicide and cultural psychiatry was conducted.

Knowledge exchange

At SRM, the faculty and students attend conferences and seminars on a variety of topics to stay up-to-date in the field. They have also submitted study papers at several forums such as the:

  • Tamil Nadu Chapter of Indian Psychiatric Society Conference (TANPSYCON -06), Madurai, July 2006
  • Annual National Conference of Indian Psychiatric Society (ANCIPS-07), Chennai, January 2007
  • International Symposium on "Mood Disorders", Bangkok, April 2006
  • Autism, ADHD and Learning Disorders Rehab 2006, Chennai, July 2006
  • Sleep Medicine 2006, an Indo-US Symposium, Chennai, December 2006