Physiotherapy clinic

The physiotherapy clinic, located in the SRM Medical College Hospital, has a full-fledged outpatient department equipped with modern facilities. The clinic caters to the disabled and the diseased and at the same time provides extensive clinical training for physiotherapy students. This gives students the chance to apply their knowledge of clinical science in problem solving and therapeutic interventions. Internships and research projects are also deeply encouraged.


For those who have a passion for research, the college has five main laboratories equipped with the latest physiotherapy instruments, including:

  • Exercise therapy laboratory with therapeutic exercise instruments
  • Electrotherapy laboratory
  • Massage and manipulation laboratories that have a manipulation and mobilization couch
  • Biomechanics laboratory specially designed for studying the science of prosthetics
  • A "GAIT LABORATORY" - to ensure the rehabilitation of patients and promote research work of students, will soon be up and running.

The postgraduate research laboratory possesses the latest equipment including

  • EMG biofeedback, Myomed and Neurocare for diagnostic NCV
  • Therapeutic and diagnostic EMG
  • Treadmill
  • Cycle ergometer
  • Laser unit

Whether the students are looking for guidance and references, or simply for a casual read, the library provides the perfect environment. They will enjoy perusing the vast collection of books and multimedia CDs. The library also subscribes to over 50 Indian and international journals. The medline database opens up another world of information.