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»Tuberculosis Awareness Programs

TB awareness program

First Community meeting held at Muthucharam Community Radio Station at the University campus for active Community radio (CR) volunteers of Muthucharam CR on September 26, 2012. The Chief Guest for the session was Dr. Kumari kesavan, Primary Health Center, Maraimalar Nagar. Self Help Group(SHG) members from Rail nagar Mahalir mandram, Singaperumal koil Panchayat Level Federation (PLF) members, Vadalur SHG , Thamarai Self Help members, Karanaipuducheri PLF Members, Vetri vivashaya sangam, konadi, Alli Mahalir sangam, Suryan mahalir group and Hand in hand N.G.O.
The main objective of the meeting was to choose an apt title for TB special episode and also to discuss about TB awareness. After a long debate, participants were convinced with the title as “OZHIPOM KASAM, VIDAIPPOUM NESAM “. Dr. Kumari kesavan presided over the session about TB awareness and about treatment for TB.
Ms. Divyasri, Station Manager interacted with the CR volunteers about the functioning of Community Radio Station and other programmes that are broadcast in CR. Later Dr. Kumari Kesavan explained in detail about the treatment and prevention of Tuberculosis, Stigma, HIV The participants also had few interesting queries about TB. Queries like will TB affect the uterus, the causes and symptoms for TB in uterus, how to prevent TB in uterus and if the parents are affected, will the child get TB.

TB awareness program

Community meeting held on November 9, 2012 at Primary Health Center, Maraimalai Nagar with 70 participants. The objective of the meeting was to create awareness among Self Help Group members about TB, How it spreads, symptoms and precautions. The invited speakers who were present on the day were: Dr. Ganga, PHC, Maraimalar Nagar, Mr. Santhanam, Lab technician, Mr. Kitamani, Pharmacist, Mrs. Durga, Dot provider, Health Inspector Mrs. Geetha and Dr. Kumari Kesavan, Chief Doctor, PHC, Maraimalai nagar. TB episode No. 4 (Episode on treatment for TB) was broadcast during the meet.
The introductory speech was deleivered by R.Nagappan, Production Executive, Muthucharam Community Radio Station. He introduced all the speakers for the public and also spoke about the special TB episodes that are being broadcast on 90.4 MHz. To make the meeting little enertaining amidst loads of information on TB, a special guest Mr. Santhanam, known for professional standup comedy and a kalaignar T.V. sripoli program anchor visited the place. He a small skit on TB by himself.
Dr. Ganga, Mariamalainagar explained the treatment for TB to the public. Mr. Santhanam, Lab technician delivered in brief about the various tests taken for T.B. Mr. Kitamani, Pharmacist adviced the public on how to take the medicines for T.B and who could be a DOT provider. Mrs. Durga, a DOT provider shared her experience who was also affected with HIV/AIDS from her first marriage and she was then married to another HIV positive. Health Inspector Mrs. Geetha explained about the laboratories and its activities. The folowing topics were covered during the meet:
  • How TB spreads
  • Treatment for Tuberculosis
  • How to take TB test.
At the end of the session, public intereacted with the speakers and asked the folowing queries:
  • Can a pregnant woman be affected with Tuberculosis
  • Link between cancer and TB.
  • Will brain get affected due to TB
The participants felt the radio program was a complete package for TB awareness inititative and felt the meeting to be very informative and important. Finally the vote of thanks was delivered by the Field coordinator, Mr. Palani, Muthucharam Community Radio Station, SRM University.

TB awareness program

Muthucharam CR and District TB Office, kanchipuram jointly conducted third Community meeting in Government Girls Higher Secondary School, Nandhivaram (Guduvanchery) on January 24, 2013 for 500 girl students in an auditorium.
The main objective of the meeting was to create awareness about Tuberculosis, effects, symptoms, precautionary measures and the stigma among children of age group 13 to 15 yrs.
To begin with Mr. Sukumar, School physical trainer delivered the welcome address and gave an idea about the community meeting. Followed by a brief orientation about Community Radio, its role in development communication and community participation by Ms. Divyasri, Station Manager, Muthucharam CR. Mr. Gunasekaran, Health Educator, DTO elaborated the students about personal hygiene, symptoms of TB, the medication from Government is absolutely free and public should be aware of the disease and take immediate action before it goes to the next level. He also mentioned that the maximum period for treating TB is only 6 months but if the patient is careless or irregular in taking treatment, there will be a high risk of TB like MDR /XDR. He interacted with the students and discussed about other TB related issues. The participants also had few interesting queries about TB. The following were some of the queries:
  • Will TB spread through blood from Mother to Child?
  • Is TB hereditary?
  • Will TB spread from parent to child?
  • What are the types of TB?
  • Who can be a DOTS provider?
  • Will TB spread from Mother to foetus in the womb?
At the end, Mr. Nagappan, Production Executive, Muthucharam CR interacted with the students on how to actively take part in Community radio programmes and they should come forward to take up social initiatives like participating or involving in CR.
»Muthucharam Community Radio Station signed MoU with REACH Foundation, Chennai