SRM University offers several scholarships, fee waiver schemes, teaching and research assistance to meritorious and deserving students. Large number of students tremendously benefit from such schemes. In 2015, 2016 nearly 2366 students benefited from various schemes with a total of Rs. 27 crores distributed as scholarship.

To encourage and support students of exemplary talent, several scholarships are instituted to recognized excellence in academic, sports and deserving candidates. The quantum of scholarship and the number of school scholarships are subject to change from time to time.


Scholarship Name

Eligibility for Scholarship

Percent of Scholarship




1 SRM Founders scholarship
  • Top 100 in SRMJEEE merit list
  • Top 1000 rank in IIT JEE (Main)
  • District Toppers in each district of Tamil Nadu
  • State Board Toppers in HSC
  • Exemplary Sports persons at National / International Level
100% 100% 100%
2 SRM Merit Scholarship SRMJEE Rank 101 to 1000 75% - -
3 SRM Socio Economic Scholarship SRM Socio Economic Scholarship 25% to 100% - -
4 Differently-abled Scholarship As determined by Scholarship Committee 25% to 100% - -
5 SRM Arts and Culture Scholarship Possessing Exemplary skills in literary and fine arts as assessed by the scholarship committee 25% to 100% - -



  • All the above scholarship are entry level scholarships and are offered only for the first year
  • The continuance of scholarship for the subsequent year is purely based on the academic performance if the immediate previous year of study(without any break of study)
  • Every year the eligible student has to apply for renewal of scholarship in the prescribed form available on our website (, within the stipulated date.
  • Failure to apply for renewal within the stipulated date will disqualify the student for scholarship for subsequent years.
  • Decision of scholarship committee is final and binding.

Renewal – All the above scholarships are renewed every year subject to meeting set performance norms.

Selection Procedure – Applications in the prescribed form for the award of scholarship both fresh and renewal will be received in August/September every year. Processing will be done by the scholarship office and selection of awardees will be done by a committee consisting of SRM University officials and invited academicians from other Universities.

Norms for renewal of Scholarship

For S.No.1 and 2 of above table (Except Sports):

Scholarship can be renewed based on the performance in the University examination, attendance and character and conduct certified by the Head of the Department.

  • Performance: 9.0 CGPA with no arrear (backlog) in every year.
  •  Attendance: 75% in each semester.

For S.No: 3,4,5:

Renewal is based on the performance in the University examination, attendance, character and conduct certified by the Head of the Department.

  • Performance: 7.0 CGPA with no arreas (backlog)
  • Attendance: 75% in each semester.