SRM University Hosts Japan Higher Education Fair

SRM University in association with the University of Tokyo hosted a one day Japan Higher Education Fair at the Kattankulathur campus on August 3, 2017 with a view to highlighting the many opportunities for higher education and research in Japan and also bringing attention to the many scholarships and schemes for students to study in that East Asian country. The University of Tokyo has been designated as the “Coordinator for Study in Japan” by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

The University of Tokyo, Japan’s No 1 ranked university has been tasked with leading the strategic dialogue for building the education relationship with India. In this context, the University approached SRM to hold a Japan Higher Education Fair to highlight and promote the growing opportunities for collaboration.

SRM University has been a natural partner for collaboration with Japan in higher education and research. The MoU with Shizuoka University is now nearly 10 years old and has seen over 80 visits by SRM students and faculty. It is one of the most successful of collaborations and its main collaborator Prof Hayakawa delivered the key note address.SRM is also one of the founding members of the nanotechnology consortium in Asia.

SRM has signed MoUs with Kyushu Institute of Technology, Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers, Tokai University, NEC Corporation, Shizuoka University and Waseda University. The collaborations are active in student mobility, faculty exchange and research. NEC Japan has set up a joint research lab at SRM University to develop products and patents in IT related areas. Waseda University is also collaborating with the SRM Research Centre in Bangalore in IT related areas.

In addition, RM’s group company SRM Technologies is engaging with several Japanese companies in carrying out industry research and has an office in Tokyo for this purpose.


Splendor of Taiwan: NTUA Dancers Visit SRM

As part of the Splendor of Taiwan Festival in India, sponsored byTaiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, National Taiwan University of Arts (NTUA), and Taiwan Education Centre, SRM University, a team of dancers visited SRM University for a series of cross cultural workshops and dance performances.

SRM University’s dance club replete with a fusion of talent across all genres of dance from across India gave a dazzling performance of dance and tutorials. What transpired was a spirit of intercultural understanding that transcended the barriers of language between the two countries.

The NTUA was established as the National School of Arts on October 31, 1955. Education at NTUA emphasizes humanistic thinking, creative production, theoretical analysis and hands-on practice. NTUA has the longest history of any art institution in Taiwan, in several specializations.Many famous directors have graduated from NTUA, including 78th Oscar Award Best Director Winner Ang Lee. And there have been countless musicians, artists, and designers, too.

The Taiwan Education Centre at SRM University, established by the Taiwan Government, is designed to foster greater collaboration between the two sides in Mandarin Chinese language teaching, education, and culture.