Education Delegation from Bhutan Visits SRM IST

SRM hosted senior officials from the Ministry of Education, Bhutan. During their visit, they met students studying at the University and reaffirmed the education ties between Bhutan and SRMIST.

“We value our relationship with Bhutan, which has been sending many brilliant students to SRM to pursue higher education. They have distinguished themselves in their academic performance, brought vibrancy to the on-campus environment, and I am sure they will contribute greatly to the development of Bhutan”, said Prof Sandeep Sancheti, Vice Chancellor of SRM IST, on felicitating the guests.

SRM Reaffirms Its Commitment to the Environment

SRM has joined the United Nations Academic Impact as a member, to further the aims and goals of the UN mandate in environmental conservation.

“The membership will further strengthen the pioneering work being done by SRM IST, in creating a sustainable environmental ecosystem on campus. With such a large number of students, over 50,000 in four campuses, we have a great responsibility to inculcate the spirit of conservation in the next generation of leadership of the country”, said Professor Sandeep Sancheti, the Vice Chancellor of SRM IST, on the membership of the UN body.

Vice Chancellor Professor Sandeep Sancheti Visits Taiwan Education Centre at SRMIST

vc-sandeep-taiwan-eduVice Chancellor, SRMIST Professor Sandeep Sancheti visited the on-site Taiwan Education Centre, India’s only education and cultural center offering the professional proficiency test in Chinese. Taiwan is emerging as one of SRMIST’s most active educational and cultural partners with several programmes in student mobility, faculty exchange and research.

Soon after his visit to the Taiwan Education Centre at SRMIST Professor Sancheti expressed himself saying-

“I look forward to deepening our relationship with Taiwan. I am going to be in Taiwan in June as part of an AIU delegation, where I shall get to understand better the common points for strengthening the partnership. I congratulate the Taiwan Education Centre at SRMIST for doing a marvelous job in supporting the emerging relationship”.

SRMIST Tech Lab bags 1st place in Angelhack Global Hackathon 2018 at Microsoft Hyderabad

srmist-tech-lab-1st-place-2018-microsoft-hyderabadOn 3rd June 2018, a student team from SRMIST Kattankulathur bagged the 1st prize at Angelhack hackathon which was conducted as a part of Angelhack Global Hackathon series 2018 at the Microsoft campus in Hyderabad. The present year theme of “Seamless Technology” was set with the intention of giving developers the freedom to use any technology without restrictions to solve pressing problems concerning them and developers across the world. Solutions like these would enable quicker prototyping and deployment, increasing the already exponential rate of productivity of the technology industry.

Over 200 students, from experienced professionals to entrepreneurs competed for this rare opportunity. After a number of reviews and 2 rounds of extensive pitching sessions, the results were finally declared at the end of this 30 hrs long event. The Judging panel comprised of professionals from Microsoft, Amazon and major startups.

Two students; Ankur Agarwal and Krishna Maneesha Dendukuri from Next Tech Lab, were a part of this winning team. The opportunity of attending the Global HACKcelerator Program 2018 connected the students with thought-leaders and experienced entrepreneurs to help themselves in becoming more versatile while refining their ideas to build their hackathon winning prototype into a full-fledged start-up.

The team created an Artificial Intelligence-based application which helps resolve bottlenecks for machine learning practitioners. Selecting the best algorithm to be applied to a given dataset in order to achieve the highest accuracy rates was the problem. This required intensive data analysis and a lot of trial & error cycles of applying the models while consuming a lot of time and processing power for training. This tedious process makes developers treat machine learning more like alchemy than an exact science. These students built a solution which can predict the efficiency of 10 different algorithms without even running them, for a dataset given by the user and therefore, suggest the best one to be applied by saving the valuable resources like training time and GPU power and bagged the 1st place.


SRMIST becomes first South Indian University to sign MoU with Kingston University



Pushing SRM Standards to attain global benchmarks, the institute signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Kingston University, UK. The MoU was exchanged in the presence of Honorable Chancellor Dr. T. R. Parivendhar, Vice Chancellor Dr. Sandeep Sachethi, Registrar Dr. Sethuraman, Director E&T Dr. Muthamizhchelvan,  HoDs and the Partnership Team of SRM. Ms. Tawnya from International Partnership Team Kingston University and Raghavan S, Regional Head, IET India and Deans of KIIT were also present during the session.

The MoU is facilitated by The Institution of Engineering and Technology (The IET) as part of the SRM Academic Partner collaboration. This MoU will enable both universities for students and faculty exchanges, joint research and dual degree programmes. SRM is the first South Indian University to sign MoU with Kingston University.

Vice Chancellor, Dr. Sandeep Sancheti welcomed delegation from Kyushu Institute of Technology



Vice Chancellor, SRMIST, Professor Sandeep Sancheti welcomed a delegation from Kyutech (Kyushu Institute of Technology), Japan, led by Dr. Koichi Yonemoto, Professor, Department of Mechanical and Control Engineering.

He conveyed his greetings saying, “I welcome Kyutech to collaborate with us in rocket science, and think ambitiously of developing a project where jointly, by sharing our respective strengths, we can develop a prototype rocket. We have the rare distinction of launching a Nanosatellite, which is continuing to orbit the earth and sending valuable date on Greenhouse Gases”, said Professor Sancheti, during the discussions with the Japanese delegation.

Currently, the talks are going on in this regard.