Department of Physics

Department of Physics

Acceleration has gripped the world of physics in the international arena and research studies in this field have broken more barriers than just sound. Physics is linked with the future progress of humankind and the next generation of SRM students are prepared to be a part of it.

Dedicated, experienced and well qualified faculty members make up the department. They continually update their grasp on global trends and breakthroughs by attending and presenting papers in national and international conferences. Research papers have been published in reputed international and national referred journals.


Well equipped laboratories with modern instruments and hi-tech facilities mark the Department of Physics. The advanced functions of the laboratory include:

  • Preparation and characterization of nano-ceramics
  • Low temperature solution growth technique for growing organic and inorganic crystals
  • Compressibility/ susceptibility measurements for solids and liquids
  • Electronic parameter measurements for semiconductors
  • Propagation parameter measurements for optical fibers
  • Holography


The areas of research interest of the faculty members include:

  • Nano Technology
  • Crystal Engineering
  • Molecular Spectroscopy
  • Nonlinear Optics
  • Ceramic Technology


The faculty conducts two PG programs. The programs focus on the fields of Industrial electronics and instrumentation, Bio-medical electronics and instrumentation, Communication systems, Computer architecture, Electronics & Materials sciences, Hospital industry and Health physics.


The department conducts seminars and symposiums periodically in emerging areas of materials technology. Images SRM, the photography club is attached to Physics department. The club explores and trains students in the art of photography, videography, digital art and short film. The club conducts training programs and competitions regularly.