ISRO - Industrial Visit

Start: 10-25-2018


As per the syllabus prescribed, we, the students of ECE dept are expected to undergo an industrial visit in a company related to our field.

The college management takes the students to companies outside the state to gain a diversified knowledge about the practical applications and usage of electronics and communication.

The students visited two Launchpads of the satellite. A launch vehicle or carrier rocket is a rocket used to carry a payload from Earth's surface through outer space, either to another surface point (Sub-orbital transportation) or into space (Earth orbit or beyond). Payload refers to equipment used to provide the service for which the satellite has been launched. A launch pad typically includes a launch mount or launch platform to support the vehicle and a service structure with to provide propellants, cryogenic fluids, electrical power, communications, and telemetry prior to launch. The service structure may also provide one or more access platforms to inspect and maintain the vehicle and to allow access to the crew cabin for vehicles carrying humans. The pad may contain a flame deflection structure to prevent the intense heat of the rocket exhaust from damaging the vehicle or pad structures, and a sound suppression system spraying large quantities of water may be employed. The pad may also be protected by lightning arresters.  ISRO has two launch pads among which one is a universal launchpad which can accommodate all of the launch vehicles.

The hand in experience gained by the students will help them to relate the concepts they study to the real-life applications that the industries expect the students to have.