An Invited Talk on 'An Introduction to Finite Element Method (FEM)'

Start: 02-01-2017

On February 1, 2017,  the Department of Mechanical Engineering organized a lecture on 'An Introduction to Finite Element Method (FEM)'.The speaker of the session was Dr.Michael R. Gosz,Associate Professor of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, Illinois Institute of technology, Chicago, USA. Dr.Michael has done his research, on Computational Solid Mechanics. He is the winner of several awards, for excellence in teaching. He initiated the session with overview of finite element method, which is an effective numerical technique, for partial differential equations in Engineering. His lecture turned phenomenal by the presentations on the methods of FEM.He elaborated the contents of the book on “Finite element method: Applications in solid structure and transfer heat”, which was authored by him. He explained the basics of Finite element method, by illustrating a problem and solving it with suitable derivations. The global stiffness matrix, used to analyze a member was elaborated by him in detail. He also talked on the application of FEM to solve problems of great complexity and unusual geometry, and in the solution of important problems in heat transfer, fluid mechanics, and mechanical systems. The lecture provided the students, a new approach to work on finite element methods.