Visit to Lotte India Corporation Limited

SRM B School had organized a visit to Lotte India Corporation Limited, Nemam, Thiruvallur District for the management students on October 17, 2014. The visit enabled the students to understand various aspects relating to production and packing of Lotte Choco Pie. 

The visit commenced with a video documentary presentation highlighting the operations of Lotte in India and other countries. Later, the students visited the factory accompanied by the facilitators from Lotte India Corporation. Mr.T..Nithyanandan, Officer, IT Department explained the entire production process to the students. The students had the opportunity to get direct exposure to the following aspects:

  • Materials handling & Inventory management
  • Assembly line production
  • Safety measures
  • Plant and office layout
  • Factory maintenance
  • Quality check and control
  • Packing & distribution

The students raised various queries relating to the above aspects and Mr.T.Nithyanandam clarified all the issues effectively. The students spent their quality time in exploring the production related activities of Lotte. The trip was organized by Mr.M.Rohithraja, I MBA. The team thanked Mr. Ravishankar, Factory Manager for permitting them to visit their factory and Mr.T.Nithyanandan, Officer IT, Lotte India for the excellent coordination.  Dr.S.Kesavan, Head of the Department, SRM B School and Dr.S.Gayathry, Assistant Professor, SRM B School accompanied the students.