Bachelor degree in Visual Communication is structured to equip students with critical thinking and creative skills in, visual language and communication, in order to prepare students for an exciting career in the creative industry. The aim of the course is to equip the students to see things with the eye of a visual communicator. It makes them understand the language of the visuals and help communicate effectively in various media formats. A combination of papers grounded in theory and practical helps the students to acquire necessary professional training required to enter the field of media and entertainment.The practice-based modules covering traditional and digital techniques, such as drawing fundamentals and digital media including photography and design, will help you meet the demands of print and New media.The modules also cover the areas of direction, production, cinematography, editing, sound design and digital visual effects, building your capacity for original thoughts and ability to collaborate. You will be able to understand a diverse spectrum of media contexts and confidently apply these skills in various platforms, such as feature films, documentaries, educational and journalistic productions, creating innovative screen content.