Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology and Microbiology

The department encompasses histopathology, clinical pathology, molecular biology and immunohistochemistry labs. The subject Oral Histology imparts the basic microscopic architecture and understanding of the normal features of the oral and para oral structures, while tooth morphology enables the students to appreciate the anatomy of each tooth. In addition to these core subjects oral anatomy and oral physiology are also taught to the students. The practical training sessions include tooth carving exercises, ground section preparation of a tooth and learning microscopic appearances of oral tissues. In the third year, the students are taught about the various pathological states and diseases of the oral cavity. Practical sessions involve learning microscopic appearances of oral diseases.

The Post Graduate students training include an exhaustive and comprehensive study of Oral Pathology detailed with clinical correlations and insightful study of the pathogenesis of the diseases. A fully equipped molecular biology and immunohistochemistry lab has been established for various research projects that could benefit the P.G students. The department has well established histopathology, clinical pathology, Immunohistochemical, and molecular biology  laboratories. The molecular biology lab is equipped with state of the art equipments like Mastercycler for PCR, Gel documentation system, -800deep freezer refrigerator, cooling centrifuge, bio photometer, ELISA reader and washer, Cryostat, Laminar Air flow, pH meter, Digital balance and Colony counter. A oral cancer research centre is attached to the department.