SRM School Of Film Technology

SRM Sivaji Ganesan Film Institute

The world of film making stands poised on the threshold of change. As digital and new age technologies are changing the way films are made, it is indeed a very exciting time for enthusiastic youngsters to take up film making as a career.

SRM School Of Film Technology provides its students with an opportunity unlike any found in present day film institutes. A full fledged degree program that trains students in-depth, exposes them to the industry and stresses on practical application. The program opens up diverse, thrilling, and lucrative career opportunities for any one interested in the field. The institute, which has the right ambiance and backdrop for the students to learn the nuances of film making, also creates a platform for cross-cultural exchanges among the students.

Expert Faculty

Students are guided by a team of professionals hand-picked from the film industry. The experience and qualifications of the faculty ensure that students retain the best of the course and remain up-to-date with the industry.

Eminent personalities from the film fraternity often visit our institute and share their valuable filmmaking experiences with our students thus inspiring them to become world-class filmmakers. Every week students have screened films from world classics and are asked to analyze all the aspects of the screened film, to help them gain and polish the knowledge on world cinema.

Professional Equipments

State of the art cameras (film and digital)
Editing suite


Sound studio
Production design studio
Costume and make-up studio
Graphics and animation lab
Shooting floors
Viewing Theatre

Bachelor of Film Technology (BFT)

This 3 years comprehensive degree program is the first of its kind. Introduced by SRM School Of Film Technology, the course equips aspiring film makers with the latest knowledge and techniques in Film Technology.

Under B.sc Film Technology, we offer five areas of specialization - Direction, Cinematography, Editing, Graphics and Animation and Sound. These subjects will be taught as common subjects in the first year and from second year onwards students can choose their area of specialization and gain in-depth knowledge in the preferred field.


Students specializing in ‘Direction’ are given first-rate training in writing scripts, planning for shoot, budgeting, film production and marketing. The students are taught to write scripts for short films, documentaries, ad films, video songs and feature films, using Final Draft Software.  They execute their projects in collaboration with the students specializing in cinematography, editing, sound and animation, thus understanding the value of team work which is significant in film making.


The knowledge of writing in light and writing in movement are the two essential qualities required for a cinematographer.  The students of cinematography are provided with the latest equipments like the camera, lights, and other related accessories to gain hands-on experience to meet the industry standards. 


The world famous film maker Francis Ford Coppola once said, “The essence of cinema is editing. It's the combination of what can be extraordinary images of people during emotional moments, or images in a general sense, put together in a kind of alchemy”. Our editing department teaches the students the art and techniques of film editing.  Thiru B. Lenin, legendary film editor of Indian cinema, shares his 40 years of rich industrial experience with our students and trains them with latest software like Avid and FCP to become professional film editors.

Graphics and Animation

Graphics and animation has become an integral part of modern cinema.  Be it an ad film, feature film or even documentary its omnipresence is felt now more than ever before.  Our students are extremely trained starting with the fundamentals of designing, modeling, compositing, motion capture etc with the help of high end animation software such as 3ds Max, Maya, after effects, Mocha and combustion to become a professional visual effects supervisor.


The advent of sound has elevated cinema to a different level altogether.  The well equipped sound department of our college teaches its students, the principles of sound recording, dubbing and other related techniques using the latest software.  The department boasts of high end equipment and the latest pro-tools software and well trained faculty.


The first year develops the fundamentals of Direction, Cinematography, Editing, Sound, Graphics & Animation, Art Direction and Film Producing & Marketing. The second year builds on the first year and students can specialize in any one of the above mentioned fields.

The institute also offers

1 year full time Diploma in Film Acting (DFA)

Minimum qualification: Pass in Higher Secondary (any group)

Acting for the camera requires a specialized training. This course imparts training in multidimensional aspects of Film and Television acting. It helps students to acquire the required skills, confidence and poise - so necessary for an acting career. Subjects like body language, speech and diction, mime and movement, Improvisation are taught to the acting students along with yoga, meditation and make-up.  We also teach them dance and stunts, to become a professional screen actor. 

Those who have the aptitude and a flair for acting can join this course.