Texus 2k18, National Level Tech Fest

Start: 03-08-2018
End: 03-10-2018


Organised By: Department of Computer Science and Engineering, SRMIST Ramapuram

TEXUS is the culmination achieved when the brilliance of technology meets the creative intuition that is the human brain. It is a National Level Tech Fest organized by Department of Computer Science and Engineering, SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Ramapuram. Being a Tech Fest, it will be attended by students not only from the various campuses of SRM Institute of Science and Technology but also various colleges and prestigious institutions in and around Chennai. 

Texus Hackathon:

TEXUS Hackathon is a 24-hour event that will see participants going on a journey that started with a small budding idea and will end with a Minimum Viable Product that is good enough to turn heads. The theme for the Hackathon is to empower students with the power to solve day to day problems pertaining to any field from education to transportation with the help of technology. They must come together on teams of three or four and pledge to solve a real-life issue, one that affects us all and use technology to build a product that is offers a viable solution. More than 150 students from various colleges across Chennai will participate in the Hackathon.

Technical Events:

Talent cannot be measured on a linear scale, hence the ways of assisting it must be varied as well. Technical events in TEXUS are designed to assist various aspects of design, development, testing, and deployment. Participants test not only their skills in logic and design: but also time management and observational skills. These events provide the students with a platform to showcase their skills, learn new things, share their ideas and tinker with upcoming technologies.

Non-Technical Events:

Every talent is different and no single field can possibly envelop all of it under one umbrella. We at TEXUS recognize and understand every kind of skill and have a platform for you no matter where your interests lie. Creativity is probably the one thing we haven’t managed to get computers to achieve for us. Keeping this in mind; Texus has a wide range of non-technical events for every field of interest. Let your talent speak for itself and own the opportunity.


A college fest without sports is like a sky without stars. Funlympics provides a welcome respite from the exhaustive schedule of student life, a chance to break the shackles breathe freely again. This section consists of fun events attributed to satisfy students of varied tastes from computer gaming maniacs to outdoor sporting superstars.

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