100 Years of Tamil Cinema Celebration

We at SRM Sivaji Ganesan School of Film Studies along with Tamilnadu Progressive Writers and Artists Association (TNPW&AA) have celebrated 100 years of Tamil cinema at our Ramapuram campus on 31-12-2016. Several Film fraternities along with TNPW & AA personalities led by Actor & Director Nassar, Director Vasanth.S.Sai, Actor Rohini, Director Mysskin and Editor & Director B.Lenin  attended the function.

The program opened with “Parai Aattam” an ancient traditional dance of Tamil culture. Important events that took place for the past 100 years in Tamil cinema was shown as clippings to the audience. The entire auditorium thoroughly enjoyed the history of Tamil cinema.

After the program, Director Mysskin inaugurated the Photo Exhibition at our SRM Sivaji Ganesan School of Film Studies, situated in Vth floor of PG Dental block in the campus. The Photography exhibition covered major events and personalities who where behind the development of Tamil cinema for the past 100 years. The Exhibition was kept open for all the departments in the campus and general public. The entire program was well appreciated by one and all.