QUEST’18- A National Level Management Meet


“Power of the mind is the power of the man”, began Mr. Vijay Kapoor, Managing Director of Derby Jeans Community at Quest’18, a national level management meeting held at SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Ramapuram.  He elaborated and emphasized on three critical points which inspired the gathering with an anecdote. He accentuated that ‘Transformation’ is an essential part of life, which would enable to strive better. Secondly, he enumerated on how one should attempt to go beyond the imaginary finishing line and gain motivation through advancement. His most stimulative quote was,” Be the 21-year old that other 21 olds will look up to”. He inspired the young aspirants to not be one among the crowd and to be the one above the crowd. To reach such a footing, one must come out of the box and perceive not what one wants but on what one can. He then concluded by saying “to deviate from negativity, one should always talk positively in any uncertain situations, which would certainly change attitude towards the day”.

Mr. K.S. Debasis Sarkar, CEO of National Thermal Power Corporation Limited, who inaugurated QUEST’18, quoted Albert Einstein,” Concern for the man himself and his fate must always form the chief interest of all technical endeavors. Never forget this in the midst of your diagrams and equations”.He first congratulated the students of SRM, for their initiative and leadership in organizing Quest’18. He then spoke in detail about the company- NTPC, which proved the strength and the work-friendly environment.After which, he enumerated the importance of having hard skills which are knowledge-based and more importantly soft skills such as emotional intelligence, positive attitude and most importantly customer focus. He also explained how in the long run, a positive attitude would exude happiness and the right attitude will assist in solving problems and reach the peak of one’s ambitions.  The third aspect, customer focus, he said, that the customer is happier not only when his problems are solved, but when it is solved quickly and hassle-free. He then went on to explain his views on Leadership and how according to the current trend a Leader is required at every level of the organization.

An entire gamut of activities was organized in Quest’18 to unleash the talent that exudes from the budding student managers.Promoting a vibrant campus experience through organizing innumerable activities such as Best Manager, Business Quiz, IPL Bidding, Ad-Zap and Corporate Walk bringing people from all walks, interests, and ethnicity come together in ways that stimulate lifelong learning, and community interaction.

The Dean Dr. P.Sekar addressed the students on the importance of skills development to meet the corporate world and to disregard the fatalistic segment which would otherwise never let one outdo. Also, he insisted that by possessing the skills, one cannot become a pioneer, but are established only when the skills are put to test. Dr. C. Sundar, Head of the Department and Vice Principal, greeted the gathering and cherished the labor of the Students and Faculty who took up the initiative to organize and coordinate this amazing event. The prizes were distributed to the winners and runners by Mr.John Xavier Thangaraj, Correspondent and senior Principal of Little Flowers Matric School, who is also the President of Tamilnadu Private School Association. Dr.R.Punniyamoorthy, Faculty Coordinator of Quest’18 extended the vote of thanks.