Dr. Balaji PS


Research Assistant Professor

Educational Details:

  • Ph.D. in Vibration Control, Curtin University Australia, 2017
  • M.Tech in Mechanical Design, NIT Allahabad, 2012
  • B.E in Aeronautical Engineering, Anna University, 2008

Academic Experience:

  • Adhoc Faculty, Mechanical Engineering Department, NIT Warangal, 2016-2017.
  • Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering Department, GITAM University, Aug 2013- Nov 2013.
  • Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering Department, RK University, 2012-2013.

Other Professional Experience:

  • Design Engineer, TAAL Technologies Bangalore, 2008-2009

Conferences/Seminars/Workshops Attended

  • Workshop on Innovative Methods for Teaching Mechanical Engineering organized by NIT Warangal during 22nd -26th , March 2017
  • Workshop on ADVANCES IN STRESS ANALYSIS AND DYNAMICS organized by NIT Surathkal during 16th -17th , March 2017
  • Workshop on Free and open source software in Teaching and Learning (Scilab, OpenModelica, R and LateX) organized by NIT Warangal during 4th -5th , March 2017
  • Workshop on Introduction to Finite Element Analysis, by Arizona University USA under Indo-,
  • Workshop on Engineering Thermodynamics, by IIT Bombay, 11th-21st December 2012.
  • Workshop on Introduction to Research Methodologies, by IIT Bombay, 25th June-04th July 2012.

Achievements and Awards:

  • Awarded a Full Scholarship for Ph.D. from Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysian Government under ERGS Scheme 2013.
  • Won the 3MT competition held at Curtin University, Malaysia, 2014.


  • Institute of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE), Malaysia, 2014.


  • Vibration Control,
  • Non-Linear Materials,
  • Hybrid Manufacturing process,
  • Composite materials.

Selected Publications:

  • P.S.Balaji, Leblouba Moussa, M.E.Rahman, Lau Hieng Ho, “An analytical study on the static vertical stiffness of wire rope Isolators”, Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology, 30 (2016) 287-295.
  • P.S.Balaji, Leblouba Moussa, M.E.Rahman, Lau Hieng Ho, “Static lateral stiffness of wire rope isolators”, Mechanics Based Design of Structures and Machines, An International Journal, Taylor and Francis, 44(2016) 462-475.
  • P.S. Balaji, L. Moussa, M.E. Rahman, L. Vuia, “Experimental investigation on the hysteresis behavior of the wire rope isolators”, Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology, 29 (2015) 1527-1536.
  • M. Leblouba, S. Altoubat, M. Ekhlasur Rahman, P.S.Balaji, “Elliptical Leaf Spring Shock and Vibration Mounts with Enhanced Damping and Energy Dissipation Capabilities Using Lead Spring”, Shock and Vibration, 2015 (2015) 12.
  • P.S. Balaji, M. Rahman, L. Moussa, H. Lau, “Wire rope isolators for vibration isolation of equipment and structures–A review”, IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering. (IOP Publishing, 2015), 012001
  • P.S. Balaji, V. Yadava, “Three dimensional thermal finite element simulation of electro-discharge diamond surface grinding”, Simulation Modeling Practice and Theory, Elsevier, 35 (2013) 97-117.

Papers Presented:

  • P.S.Balaji, L.Moussa, M.E.Rahaman, P.L.Y.Tiong, Lau Hieng Ho, A. Adnan, “Performance study of wire rope isolators for vibration isolation of equipment and structures”, ICDAMS 2016, Savitha University, Chennai.
  • P.S.Balaji, M.E.Rahman, Leblouba Moussa, Lau Hieng Ho, “Vibration isolation of structures and equipment using Wire rope isolators”, Proceeding of 4th International Conference on Recent Trends in Engineering & Technology,2015, Nasik, India
  • Balaji.PS, Vinod Yadava “Three Dimensional Thermal Modelling of Electro-Discharge Diamond Grinding”,AIMTDR 2012, International Conference, Jadavpur University, Kolkata.
  • Balaji.PS, Anubhav Tiwar, R.KSrivastava ,”Dynamic behavior of Functionally Graded Material under different boundary condition”, AFTMME, OCT-2012 International Conference PTU Punjab.
  • Balaji.PS, Vinod Yadava,”Three Dimensional Numerical Simulation of Electro Discharge Diamond Surface Grinding (EDDSG)” , NCAMT 2012, National Conference, NITTTR Chandigarh, pg 310-315.