Dr. P. Shoba


Research Assistant Professor

  • Ph.D., Geomatic Engineering, Institute of Remote Sensing, Anna University, 2016.
  • M.Tech., GeoInformatics, University of Madras, 2013.
  • B.E., GeoInformatics, Institute of Remote Sensing, Anna University, 2007.

Academic Experience:

§  Research Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, SRM Institute of Science and Technology (formerly known as SRM University),  since June 1 2017 to till date.

Other Professional Experience:

§  Junior Research Fellow at Institute of Remote Sensing under DST Inspire Award Scheme from 2014-2016.

§  GIS Engineer at TTK Maps, Chennai from 2007-2009.

Professional Experience acquired from Workshops:

§  Participated in the short-term training course on “Polarimetric SAR data processing and analysis” at Space Application Centre [ISRO], Ahmedabad during 20-21 December 2016.

§  Participated in Professional Development Workshop on GIS and Spatial Modelling conducted by University of Salzburg, Austria at University of Madras, Chennai during 16-22 December 2012.

§  Participated in the High Level Implementation Workshop on “Integrating Adaptation to climate change into Development planning” conducted by Department of Environment, Tamil Nadu Government at MSSRF, Taramnai, Chennai during 19-22 august 2014.

§  Participated in Author workshop conducted by Springer and Anna University, Chennai on 17th March 2015.

Technical Skills:

§  Programming Languages: HTML and PHP.

§  Spatial Databases: PostgreSQL, SQL Server 2008 and MS Access.

§  Web Mapping Technologies: Mapserver, MapScript, Geoserver and Open Layers.

§  Geographical Information System: ArcMap, Auto CADD and QGIS (Opensource).

§  Digital Image Processing: Matlab, Erdas Imagine and Envi – SARSCAPE.

Achievements and Awards:

§  Best paper Award from ISRS & MDSURSD, Ajmer Chapter Rajasthan 2015.           

§  DST Inspire Fellowship Awardee.

§  Best paper Award from Institute of Remote Sensing, Anna University 2013.

§  Ranked FIRST in the University of Madras in Master of Technology (GeoInformatics)

§  Merit Award from Government Polytechnic College for Women 2002 and 2003.

  • Land Degradation and Desertification
  • Multispectral Remote Sensing Modeling
  • Microwave Remote Sensing Modeling
  • Geographical Information System
  • Open source Web Mapping Applications
  • Matlab programming in Satellite Image Processing.
  • Shoba Periasamy and Ramakrishnan S. Shanmugam, “Multispectral and Microwave Remote Sensing Models to Survey Soil Moisture and Salinity”, Land Degradation & Development, 28(4), 2017. [Impact Factor: 8.145, SCI]
  • P. Shoba and S.S. Ramakrishnan, “Modeling the contributing factors of desertification and evaluating their relationships to the soil degradation process through geomatic techniques”, Solid Earth, Volume 7(2), 2016. [Impact Factor: 3.5, SCI].
  • P. Shoba and S.S. Ramakrishnan, “Modeling the contributing factors of desertification and evaluating their relationships to soil degradation process through Geomatic techniques”, Solid Earth Discussions, 7(4), 2015 [Peer Reviewed and Open Discussion Forum of Solid Earth Journal].
  • P. Shoba and S.S. Ramakrishnan , “Identifying and assessing the factors inducing Land Degradation and Desertification in Dharmapuri District of Tamil Nadu through Geo-Statistical Model”, Indian Cartographer, 35, 2015.
  • Shoba P, “Healthcare Information System – A Web Based Spatial and Aspatial Helpdesk”, International Journal of Modern Engineering Research, 3 (1), 2013.
  • Shoba P, “Explosive Detection – An Integrated Technique”, International Journal of Applied Science and Engineering Research, 1 (5), 2012.

International/National Conference Abstracts:

  • Shoba. P, S.S. Ramakrishnan (2015). “Identifying and assessing the factors inducing land degradation and desertification in Dharmapuri District of Tamil Nadu using Geo-statistical Model”, 35th INCA International Congress on Spatial Governance for Development, Planning Smart cities and Disaster Management, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi on 15-17th December 2015.
  • Shoba. P, S.S. Ramakrishnan (2015). “Identifying the causative factors of desertification and exploring the potentiality of microwave remote sensing models in the estimation of soil salinity”, National Conference on Geomatics for natural Resources and Climate change with special reference to Rain-fed Agriculture and water resources, Maharshi Dayanand Saraswati University, Ajmer, Rajasthan on 8-9th October 2015.
  • Shoba.P (2013). “Early Glaucoma Detection and Real-time Interactive Web Mapping Solutions”, National level Technical Symposium GEOHORIZON ’13, Institute of Remote Sensing, Anna University, Chennai.

Working Papers:

  • Shoba Periasamy, “Triangle of Desertification Model – A New Technique for the Evaluation of Land Degradation and Desertification” under review at Land Degradation and Development.
  • Shoba Periasamy “Desertification – A Review of Worldwide Scenario and Modeling Techniques” under review at Polish Journal of Environmental Studies.

Work in Progress:

  • Proposal has been submitted for Early Career Research Award on July 2017 Session to SERB.
  • Book under progress "Microwave Remote Sensing for Geomatic Engineers".
  • Pilot project has been initiated for Soil texture segregation using Microwave Remote Sensing Techniques.