Dr. RM. Gnanamuthu

M.Sc.,M.Phil, Ph,D

Research Assistant Professor

Dr. RM. Gnanamuthu is currently working as a Research Assistant Professor in Dept. of Chemistry /SRM Research Institute at SRM Institute of Science and Technology (formerly known as SRM University), Chennai, since August 2016. He received Ph.D degree in Chemical Engineering (with Honorable president award/Best Thesis Award) under the supervisor Prof. C.W. Lee from Kyung Hee University, South Korea in Feb 2014. He completed B.Sc., M.Sc., and M.Phil. Chemistry in Alagappa Govt. College/University, Karaikudi, Tamilnadu, India. He had international collaboration work with South Korea, UK, and UAE. He worked as Research Fellow at Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG), The University of Warwick, UK and worked as Postdoctoral Researcher for couple of months in United Arab Emirates University, UAE. His research subjects are Electrochemistry, Materials science & Engineering. His research group particularly, working on designing and synthesizing of novel energy materials, thin film and nano materials for Li-ion rechargeable batteries and Supercapacitors for electric vehicle/PHEV and electronics portable applications. Also,  focuses on corrosion studies, Alloy electrodeposition and metal finishing techniques.  He worked in various Govt. projects such as ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization), HAL (Hindustan Aeronautic Limited)  and IGCAR as well as some foreign project. He has started his research work at CSIR-CECRI since 2001 and published more than 15 international research papers, 2 patents and participated more than 15 international conferences in abroad.

Research Grants: DST-SERB - Early Career Research Award (Status: In progress)

Academic Experience:

  • Research Fellow, WMG, The University of Warwick, United Kingdom, 2015
  • Postdoctoral Researcher, United Arab Emirates University, UAE, 2014

Other Professional Experiences

  1. Research Scholar, Kyung Hee University, Seoul, Korea, 2010-2014
  2. Research Assistant, A Hyflux Group Company, Singapore, 2008
  3. Senior Supervisor, Emerald Jewel Industry India Pvt. Ltd., Coimbatore, 2007
  4. Project Assistant, CSIR-Central Electrochemical Research Institute (CECRI), Karaikudi, 2001-2006



  • Electrochemistry: Li-ion rechargeable batteries / Supercapacitor.
  • Synthesis and characterization of thin film nanomaterials .
  • Alloys and composites materials for corrosion protection.
  • Electrodepostion and Metal Finishing / Anodizing / Coloring
  • Metals Refining and Recovery
  • Synthesis of Polymer Membrane for water treatment process.

Research Facilities 

  • Electrochemical Work Station
  • Multichannel Battery Cycler 

Group Leader: Dr. RM. Gnanamuthu

Ph.D Students:

  • S. Kumaraguru
  • Gopika G. Kumar

Master's Student:

  • V. Yokesh
  • Reenu Thereas
  • Shyno Mery Jacob
  • RM. Gnanamuthu, Neil Wilson, and Rohit Bhagat, “Improved discharge-charge properties of tin electrode using silver nanoparticles for energy storage and conversion in batteries”, Materials Chemistry and Physics, 205 (2018) 147-153.
  • Kumaran  Vediappan, S Shanmugan, RM Gnanamuthu, CW Lee, ‘” Structural stability and electrochemical properties of gadolinium-substituted LiGdxMn2-xO4 spinel as cathode materials for Li-ion rechargeable batteries”, Applied Surface Science, Available online 2 November (2017) (SCI).
  • RM. Gnanamuthu, M. Sasidharan, Kumaran Vediappan, S. Mohan, Chang Woo Lee, Rohit Bhagat, “Fabrication of anodized Li[Ni1/3Co1/3Mn1/3] O2 as cathode to enhanced the capacities for energy storage and conversion device”, Journal of Alloys and Compounds,708 (2017) 932-937, (SCI).
  • P. Robert Ilango, RM. Gnanamuthu, Yong Nam Jo, Chang Woo Lee, "Design and electrochemical investigation of a novel graphene oxide-silver joint conductive agent on LiFePO4 cathodes in rechargeable lithium-ion batteries”, Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry 36 (2016) 121–124 (SCI)
  • RM. Gnanamuthu, S. Mohan, Mahmoud Al Ahmad, R. Arunachalam, J. Maharaja, Rohit Bhagat “Electrochemical Influence of Nano-Spherical RuO2.xH2O Thin Film on Nickel Adhesion Layer as an Anode via Short-Time Pulse Current Technique for Energy Storage in Rechargeable Batteries”, Journal of The Electrochemical Society, 162 (9) (2015) A1793-A1797(SCI)
  • R. Arunachalam, R.M. Gnanamuthu, Mahmoud Al Ahmad, S. Mohan, R. Pavul Raj, J. Maharaj, Nedal Al Taradeh, Ashraf Al-Hinai “Development of nano-spherical RuO2 active material on AISI 317 steel substrate via pulse electrodeposition for supercapacitors”, Surface & Coatings Technology 276 (2015) 336–340(SCI)
  • RM. Gnanamuthu, Yong Nam Jo, Chang Woo Lee, “Crystalline Sb-Cu alloy films as anode materials for Li-ion rechargeable batteries”, Current Applied Physics 13 (2013) 1454-1458 (SCI)
  • RM. Gnanamuthu, K. Prasanna, T. Subburaj, Yong Nam Jo, Chang Woo Lee, “Silver effect of Co–Ni composite material on energy storage and structural behavior for Li-ion batteries”, Applied Surface Science 276 (2013) 433– 436 (SCI)
  • RM. Gnanamuthu, Yong Nam Jo, Chang Woo Lee, “Brush electroplated CoSn2 alloy film for application in lithium-ion batteries”, Journal of Alloys and Compounds 564 (2013) 95–99 (SCI)
  • RM. Gnanamuthu, S. Mohan, Chang Woo Lee, “Development of high energy capacities of nanoscaledSn-Cu alloy thin film electrode materials for Li-ion batteries”, Materials Letters  84 (2012) 101–103 (SCI)
  • RM. Gnanamuthu, S. Mohan, G. Saravanan, Chang Woo Lee, “Comparative study on structure, corrosion and hardness of Zn–Ni alloy deposition on AISI 347 steel aircraft material”, Journal of Alloys and Compounds 513 (2012) 449– 454 (SCI)
  • RM. Gnanamuthu, Chang Woo Lee, “Electrochemical properties of Super P carbon black as an anode active material for lithium-ion batteries”, Materials Chemistry and Physics 130 (2011) 831– 834 (SCI)
  • RM. Gnanamuthu, Chang Woo Lee, “Electrodeposition and electrochemical investigation of thin film Sn–Co–Ni alloy anode for lithium-ion batteries”, Materials Science and Engineering B 176 (2011) 1329– 1332 (SCI)
  • RM. Gnanamuthu, Chang Woo Lee, “Electrochemical lithium storage performance of ternary Zn–Co–Ni alloy thin film as negative electrodes by electrodeposition method”, Journal of Alloys and Compounds 509 (2011) 8933– 8936 (SCI)

Patents Filed/ Published  

  • Chang Woo Lee, RM. Gnanamuthu, “Alloy for electrode and method for preparing electrode comprising same”, The Application No. 10-2012-0033337, Mar. 30, 2012.
  • Chang Woo Lee, RM. Gnanamuthu, “Ternary alloy for battery”, The Application No. 10-2012-0010980, Feb. 2, 2012. 
  • Engineering Chemistry / B.Tech
  • Environmental Science / B.Tech
  • Physical Chemistry / B.Sc.

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Dr. RM. Gnanamuthu

Asst. Professor (Research)

Dept. of Chemistry & Research Institute

University Central Building,

SRM Institute of Science and Technology (formerly known as SRM University), Kattankulathur

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