PHD Research


Ph.D. Research
Ph.D - Application Form (Size: 52.0 KB)
Ph.D - Regulations (Size: 109 KB)
Ph.D - Brochure (Size: 4.63 MB)
Ph.D Coursework - Enrollment form (Size: 109 KB)
Check List While Submitting Ph.D. Synopsis (Size: 60.2 KB)
Check List While Submitting Thesis (Size: 53.0 KB)
Minutes of the Doctoral Committee Meeting for Confirmation of Provisional Registration (Size: 57.8 KB)
No Dues Certificate (Size: 52.7 KB)
List of Panel Members For DC (Size: 56.0 KB)
Proforma for Submission of Thesis (Size: 76.0 KB)
Semester Progress Report (Size: 61.0 KB)
Semester Registration Form (Size: 57.6 KB)
Application for Recognition as Ph.D. Supervisor (Size: 66.1 KB)
Attendance Of The Audience In The Ph.D. Viva-Voce Examinations (Size: 33.0 KB)
Certificate format - correction in the thesis as recommended by the external examiners (Size: 24.0 KB)
Check list while submitting the proceedings of the viva-voce examination (Size: 23.0 KB)
Convocation application form for Ph.D. candidates (Size: 68.0 KB)
Manual for preparation of Ph.D synopsis (Size: 40.0 KB)
Manual for preparation of Ph.D. Thesis (Size: 85.0 KB)
Panel of Examiners - Thesis Adjudication (Size: 35.0 KB)
Panel of Examiners for Oral Examinations (Size: 85.0 KB)
Proceedings of the Ph.D Viva Voce (Size: 23.0 KB)
Proforma of Application for Submitting the Synopsis (Size: 167.0 KB)
Viva Notification (Size: 21.0 KB)
RME001 - Research Methodology(Sci. & Tech) - Syllabus (Size: 78.0 KB)
RMM001 - Research Methodology(Medical) - Syllabus (Size: 98.0 KB)
RMH001 - Research Methodology(Sci. & Humanities) - Syllabus (Size: 23.0 KB)
List of Indexed Journals (Size: 4.83 MB)