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SRM University has setup a High Performance Computer Cluster (HPCC), called SRM-HPCC for catering to intensive computational tasks in numerous research areas, which would essentially be spearheaded by the SRM Research Institute. SRM-HPCC is currently based on 22 compute nodes (CN), with each CN having dual octa-core (2x8) Intel Xeon E5-2670 processors. A total of 368 CPU cores with 2.944 TB RAM and Infiniband QLogic IB QDR 36 Port switch for interconnecting nodes are aimed at strengthening the computational capability of SRM University in a large manner. SRM-HPCC is scalable depending upon the demand.

Current Research Activities at SRM Research Institute

HPC: High-performance computing (HPC) is a broad term used for multiple compute resources to solve various computational problems at higher speed and efficiency:

  1. Runs using multiple CPUs.
  2. A problem is broken into discrete parts that can be solved concurrently
  3. Each part is further broken down to a series of instructions
  4. Instructions from each part can be executed simultaneously on different CPUs
  5. The final results are obtained from the master computer

Software Details
The SRM-HPCC has Linux based platform, with Fortran 90, C++, OPENMPI, Job Scheduler, Libraries like LAPACK, BLAS, FFT3, ATLAS, and simulation codes like MATHEMATICA, MATLAB and so on.

Who can use?
Any faculty and student of SRM University can potentially use this HPCC facility, based on their need and urgency.

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Prof. D Narayana Rao
Director (Research)
4th Floor, University Building
SRM University, Kattankulathur-603 203, Tamil Nadu, India
E-mail: director.ri@srmuniv.ac.in