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July - December 2012

  1. Dual-Frequency Ultrasound for Designing Two Dimensional Catalyst Surface: Reduced Graphene Oxide – Pt Composite; K. Vinodgopal, B. Neppolian, N. Salleh, I. V. Lightcap, F. Grieser, M. Ashokkumar, T. T. Ding, P. V. Kamat, Colloids Surf. A: Physiochem. Eng. Asp., 2012, 409, 81-87. IF: 2.752.
  2. Oxidative Stress-Mediated Cytotoxicity and Apoptosis Induction by TiO2Nanofibers in HeLa Cells; K. M. Ramkumar, C. Manjula, G. Gnanakumar, M. A. Kanjwal, T. V. Sekar, R. Paulmurugan, P. Rajaguru, Eur. J. Pharm. Biopharm.,2012, 81, 324-33. IF: 3.383.
  3. Catalytic Transformation of Alcohols to Carboxylic Acid Salts and H2 Using Water; E. Balaraman, E. Khaskin, G. Leitus, D. Milstein, Nature Chem., 2012, 5, 122-125. IF: 25.325.
  4. Ruthenium Pincer-Catalyzed Cross-Dehydrogenative Coupling of Primary Alcohols with Secondary Alcohols under Neutral Conditions; D. Srimani, E. Balaraman, B. Gnanaprakasam, Y. Ben-David, D. Milstein,  Adv. Synth. Catal., 2012, 354, 2403-2406. IF: 5.663.
  5. Biohydrometallurgy and Biomineral Processing Technology; A Review on Past, Present and Future. C. S. Gahan, D. J. Kim, H. Srichandan, A. Akcil, Res. J. Recent Sci., 2012, 1, 85-99.
  6. Thermophilic Bioleaching of Spent Petroleum Refinery Catalyst Using Sulfolobus Metallicus;D. J. Kim, H. Srichandan, C. S. Gahan, S.-L Lee, Can. Metall. Quart., 2012, 51, 403-412. IF: 0.509.


  1. Ultrasonic Enhancement of the Acidity, Surface Area and Free Fatty Acids Esterification Catalytic Activity of Sulphated ZrO2-TiO2 Systems; C. B. Daria, V. Crocellà, C. Pirola, B. Neppolian, G. Cerrato, M. Ashokkumar, C. L. Bianchi, J. Catal., 2013, 297, 17-26. IF: 6.921.
  2. An Upstream Initiator Caspase 10 of Snakehead MurrelChannaStriatus Containing DED, p20 and p10 Subunits: Molecular Cloning, Gene Expression and Proteolytic Activity; J. Arockiaraj, A. J. Gnanam, D. Muthukrishnan, M. Pasupuleti, J. Milton, A. Singh, A., Fish Shellfish Immunol., 2013, 34, 505-513. IF: 2.674.
  3. In vitro Evaluation of Free Radical Scavenging Activity of CodariocalyxMotorius Root Extract; U. Chidambaram, V. Pachamuthu, S. Natarajan, B. Elango, Suriyanarayanan, K. M. Ramkumar, Asian Pac. J. Trop. Med., 2013, 6, 188-94. IF: 1.062.
  4. The Impact of Oxidative Stress on Islet Transplantation and Monitoring the Graft Survival by Non-Invasive Imaging; K. M. Ramkumar, T. V. Sekar, E. Bhakkiyalakshmi, K. Foygel, P. Rajaguru, F. Berger, R. Paulmurugan, Curr. Med. Chem., 2013, 20, 1127-46. IF: 3.853.
  5. Microbial Desulfurization of Three different Coals from Indonesia, China and Korea in Varying Growth Medium; D. J. Kim, C. S. Gahan, K. Akilan, S. Y. Choi, B. G. Kim, Korean J. Chem. Eng., 2013,30, 680-687. IF: 1.166.
  6. Selective Conversion of Nitroalcohols to NitroolefinsOver Sulfonic Acid Functionalized Mesoporous SBA -15 Materials; M. Sasidharan, A. Bhaumik, J. Mol. Catal. A: Chemical., 2013, 367, 1-6.IF: 3.615.
  7. Microbial Depyritisation of Three Different Coals by Acidithio bacillus ferrooxidans in a Batch Stirred Tank Reactor;D. J. Kim,; C. S. Gahan, S. Y. Choi, B. G. Kim, Can. Metall. Quart., 2013, 52, 146-152. IF: 0.509.
  8. Fabrication of A356 Aluminum Alloy Matrix Composite with CNTs/Al2O3 Hybrid Reinforcements; H. H. Kim, J. S. S. Babu, C. G.Kang, Mater. Sci. Eng: A, 2013, 573, 92-99. IF: 2.567.
  9. In vitro Cytotoxicity of Gymnema Montanum in Human Leukemia HL-60 cells: Induction of Apoptotic Cell Death by Mitochondrial Membrane Potential Collapse; K. M. Ramkumar, C. Manjula, E. Bhakkiyalakshmi, K. Krishnamurthi, S. S. Devi, P. Rajaguru, Cell Prolif., 2013, 46, 263-271. IF: 3.116.
  10. Novel and Mild Synthetic Strategy for the Sulfonic Acid Functionalization in Periodic Mesoporous Ethylene-Silica; M. Sasidharan, A. Bhaumik, ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 2013, 5, 2618. IF: 6.723.
  11. A Novel Prophenoloxidase, Hemocyanin Encoded Copper Containing Active Enzyme from Prawn: Gene Characterization; J. Arockiaraj, A. J. Gnanam, G. Pothikasalam, J. Milton, M. Pasupuleti, P. Bhatt, R. Palanisamy, V. Kumaresan, M. K. Thirumalai, A. Arasu, A. Sathyamoorthi, N. Prabha, Gene, 2013, 524, 139–151. IF: 2.138.
  12. Role of PI3K-AKT-mTOR and WntSignaling Pathways in G1-S Transition of Cell Cycle in Cancer Cells; L. Vadlakonda, M. Pasupuleti, P. Reddanna, Front. Oncol., 2013, 3, 85.
  13. Promotion of oxygen reduction by a bio-inspired tethered iron phthalocyanine carbon nanotube-based catalyst; R. Cao, R. Thapa, H. Kim, X. Xu, M. G. Kim, Q. Li, N. Park, M. Liu, J. Cho, Nature Communications, 2013, 4, 2076. IF: 11.470.
  14. Kinetic Studies of Ethanol Fermentation Using Kluyveromyces sp. IIPE 453; K. Sachin, P. Dheeran, S. P. Singh, I. M. Mishra, D. K. Adhikari, J. Chem. Technol. Biotechnol., 2013, 88, 1874-1884. IF: 2.349.
  15. Therapeutic Evaluation of microRNAs by Molecular Imaging; T. V. Sekar, K. M. Ramkumar, F. Kira, R. Paulmurugan, Theranostics, 2013, 3, 964. IF: 8.022.
  16. Study of a Marine Microbial Fuel Cell on a Pilot Scale; D. Chithralekha, S. Mutnuri, Chem. Sci. Trans., 2013, 2(s1), s316-s322. IF: 1.177.
  17. Bench-Scale Batch Bioleaching of Spent Petroleum Catalyst Using Mesophilic Iron and Sulphur Oxidizing Acidophiles; H. Srichandan, D. J. Kim, C. S. Gahan, S. Singh, W. Lee, Korean J. Chem. Eng., 2013, 30, 1076-1082. IF: 1.166.
  18. Chemical Control of Superhydrophobicity of Carbon Nanotube Surfaces: Droplet Pinning and Electrowetting Behavior; B. Kakade. Nanoscale, 2013, 5, 7011. IF: 7.394
  19. Marine Algal Carotenoids Inhibit Angiogenesis by Down-Regulating FGF-2 Mediated Intracellular Signals in Vascular Endothelial Cells; P. Ganesan, K. Matsubara, T. Sugawara, T. Hirata, Mol. Cell Biochem., 2013, 380, 1-9. IF: 2.393.
  20. Macrobrachium Rosenbergii Cathepsin L: Molecular Characterization and Gene Expression in Response to Viral and Bacterial Infections; J. Arockiaraj, A. J. Gnanam, D. Muthukrishnan, K. T. Muthukumaresan, M. Pasupuleti, J. Milton, A. Singh, Microbiol. Res. 2013, 168, 569-579. IF: 2.561.
  21. Quantifying Microorganisms during Biooxidation of Arsenite and Bioleaching of Zinc sulfide. I. J. T. Dinkla, P. Gonzalez-Contreras; C. S. Gahan, A. Sandstrom, J. Weijma, C. J. N. Buisman, M. J. C. Henssen, Miner. Eng., 2013, 48, 25-30. IF: 1.597.
  22. Selected Organochlorine Pesticides (OCPs) in Surface Soils from Three Major States of the Northeastern Part of India; N. L. Devi, P. Chakraborty, Q. Shihua, G. Zhang, J. Environ. Monit. Assess., 2013, 185, 6667-66676. IF: 1.679.
  23. A Comparison Study of Atmospheric Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Three Indian Cities Using PUF Disk Passive Air Samplers; H. Cheng, Z. Deng, P. Chakraborty, D. Liu, R. Zhang, Y. Xu, C.  Luo, G. Zhang, J. Li, Atmos. Environ., 2013, 73, 16-21. IF: 3.281.
  24. Enhanced Oxygen Reduction Reaction by Bimetallic CoPt and PdPtNanocrystals; B. Kakade, H. Wang, T. Tamaki, H. Ohashi, T. Yamaguchi, RSC Advances, 2013, 3, 10487. IF: 3.840.
  25. Spatial Distributions and Characteristics of Platinum Group Elements (PGE) in Urban Dusts from China; S. Pan, Y. Sun, G. Zhang, P. Chakraborty, J. Geochem. Expl., 2013, 128, 153-157. IF: 2.747.
  26. Single-Molecule Conductance through Chiral Gold Nanotubes; A. Sen, C.-J. Lin, C.-C. Kaun, J. Phys. Chem. C, 2013, 117, 13676-13680. IF: 4.772.
  27. Antifouling activity of the methanolic extract of Syringodiumisoetifolium, and its toxicity relative to tributyltin on the ovarian development of brown mussel Pernaindica; P. Iyapparaj, P. Revathi, R. Ramasubburayan, S. Prakash, P. Anantharaman, G. Immanuel, A. Palavesam, Ecotoxic. Environ. Safety, 2013, 89, 231- 238. IF: 2.762.
  28. Optimization of bacteriocin production by Lactobacillus sp. MSU3IR against shrimp bacterial pathogens; P. Iyapparaj, T. Maruthiah, R. Ramasubburayan, S. Prakash, C. Kumar, G. Immanuel, A. Palavesam, BMC-Aquatic Biosystems. 2013, 9, 12.
  29. Impact of Eyestalk ablation on the androgenic gland activity in the freshwater Prawn Macrobrachiumrosengii (De Man); P. Revathi, P. Iyapparaj, L. ArockiaVasanthi, S. Jeyanthi, S. Sankaralingam, R. Ramasubburayan, S. Prakash, M. Krishnan, World J. Fish Marine sci. 2013, 5(4), 373-381.
  30. Phenotypic and genotypic probing of biofertilizinghalotolerantAzospirillum spp. and Bacillus spp; S. Prakash, N. K. Ahila, S. Ravikumar, E. Kannapiran, Middle East j. Scientific Res. 2013, 15(1), 128-133.
  31. Functional Genomic Assessment of Phosgene-Induced Acute Lung Injury in Mice; G. D. Leikauf, V. J. Concel, K. Bein, P. Liu, A. Berndt, T. M. Martin, K. Ganguly, A. S. Jang, K. A. Brant, Jr. R. A. Dopico, S. Upadhyay, C. L. Cario, Y. P. Di, L. J. Vuga, E. Kostem, E. Eskin, M. You, N.  Kaminski, D. R. Prows, D. L. Knoell, J. P. Fabisiak, Am. J. Respir. Cell Mol. Biol., 2013, 49, 368-383. IF: 3.985.
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Research Scholars - International Visit

  1. European Respiratory Society Short Term Fellowship (2015) for Miss Ankita Mitra (JRF) with Host Institute Research Center Borstel; Leibniz –Center for Medical and Biosciences (Sanctioned) Under Prof. Dr Heinz Fehrenbach
  2. Indo-US Fulbright-Nehru Doctoral Research Fellowship (2015/16), Miss Tania A Thimraj (SRF), Host Institute: Department of Environmental and Occupational Health, University of Pittsburgh, PA, USA (Sanctioned) Under Prof. George D Leikauf
  3. 9th general meeting of Asian Consortium on Computational Materials Science (ACCMS- VO), Okinawa, Japan, 20-22 Dec 2014. Miss S. Sinthika (JRF), Women fellowship of ACCMS. Best Poster Award
  4. Hiyoshi Internship Training Program, 2014 for Indian Students, Mr. S. Sakthivel (JRF), Two month Industrial training program from May to July -2014 at Hiyoshi Corporation, Omihachiman, Shiga, Japan.
  5. 45th IFF Spring School: Computing Solids: Models, Ab-initio Methods and Supercomputing, Miss Talem Rebeda Roy (JRF), Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany, 10–21 March 2014