What is AIP?

SRM Academy for International program (AIP) is the new age torchbearer of innovative educational concepts, which widens the scope of educational opportunity and access for students. This concept gives the student community a wide range of choice to learn and assimilate, to unfurl the intricate concepts of the subjects of various program through a well-made and meticulously executed academic rigour.

It provides a unique opportunity to engineering undergraduates to secure a degree from a pool of world best universities. It offers an opportunity for the students to live, interact and learn in two different cultural environments.

SRM University works closely with leading universities around the world to offer an affordable way of getting an internationally recognised qualification. In response to enquiries from parents and students across the country for (i) Twining (Transfer) Degree overseas (ii) Dual Degree overseas, AIP is well positioned to offer such programs in collaboration with world best universities across the world.

How is this possible?

AIP has tie ups with Universities in USA, UK, Europe and others, which accept international transfer including credit transfers of AIP students. This is because the curriculum taught at AIP is on par with international standards, and conform to all curriculum and teaching methodology norms.

It is, however, subjected to acceptance by the hosting university and seat availability and students meeting their admission criteria. The students are able to choose their international university only after the second year, based on GPA Scores. A minimum of 3.0 CGPA (out of 5) is required to enable transfer into Ivy League colleges, whereas 2.5 - 3.5 GPA is required for other Universities in USA, UK or Europe.

What if a student is not able to get the required GPA, and is not accepted in an international university?

We expect students with CGPA of above 3.0 (out of 5) in their first two years would get accepted in international universities. However, in case a student does not obtain the necessary required GPA or fails in his / her semester exams, the student has to repeat the semester exams just like in any other engineering institute. However, AIP also provides the necessary coaching, mentoring and support to enable the student to clear his exams. In worst case scenario of not getting admitted overseas, you would have the flexibility to complete the B.Tech or M.Tech or MBA at SRM University.

What are the courses available in twinning program?

For detailsĀ click here.

Is there any entrance examination for applying or joining the course before 1st year, or any competitive exams to be faced for admission?

There is no entrance exam for AIP. Admissions are provided on a first come first serve basis. Admission is purely on merit basis and on assessment of ambition and excitement level, good communication skills and right supportive family background.

Is there any entrance examination or any other examination to be faced after second year, when choosing and opting for a university abroad?

No specific university level entrance exams are required to clear. However,

B.Tech and MS: TOEFL and SAT examinations are mandatory for students applying to US universities, IELTS for UK and Europe Universities.

M.Tech and MS: TOEFL and GRE examinations are mandatory for students applying to US universities, UK and Europe Universities.

MBA Dual: TOEFL and GMAT examinations are mandatory for students applying to US universities, UK and Europe Universities.

AIP provides all the necessary support and training to students for the same.

What are the eligibility criteria?

B.Tech and MS: A pass in 10+2 or its equivalent with:

  • Minimum 80% aggregate in Mathematics, Physics & Chemistry for Civil Engineering, Computer Science & Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
  • Minimum 80% aggregate in Biology, Physics and Chemistry for Biotechnology Engineering
  • High ambition and excitement level and good communication skills with right supportive family background

M.Tech and MS: A pass in B.Tech / equivalent with minimum 75% score, with high ambition and excitement level and good communication skills with right supportive family background.

Are diploma holders eligible to apply for the program?

No. Diploma Holders are not eligible to apply for the program.

Are NRIs eligible for this program? If yes, then please specify details, fee structure or any other information required for admission.

AIP admission is open for all including NRIs, NRI Sponsored and foreign nationals. Application Form click here

Fee Structure:

If the CBSE or 12th results are declared late, then how does a student apply?

Students can apply for AIP before the 12th Board results are declared and ensure / confirm their provisional admission, based on expected performance. Provisional admission letters will be issued to students willing to take up AIP . However, the final admissions will be provided after confirmed mark sheets and documentations are verified, based on 12th Std Results in PCMB subjects.

How to apply?

Which university is giving the above program degree and what's the recognition in India?

What will be the Curriculum for this AIP course?


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