Students can apply directly to SRM University by downloading the appropriate application form .

In order to be accepted as an exchange studentĀ  or Study Abroad student, you must be nominated as such by the responsible coordinator of the exchange programme at your home university. This coordinator needs to sign the Learning Agreement / Study Proposal form confirming the nomination of the student.

      • Select the courses that you want to pursue at SRM. You may refer to our website for an up-to-date information on the courses. Please note that Odd semester courses are offered in Fall Term and Even semester courses are offered in Spring Term.
      • Fill in the Learning Agreement / Study Proposal form and get it signed by the authorized official for study Abroad program in your home university. In case the courses are modified upon arrival to SRM, a modified learning agreement / Study Proposal form needs to be submitted with a month of the commencement of classes.
      • Fill the application form for Study Abroad / Exchange program
        • signed nomination form
        • copy of passport pages with photo and personal details;
        • transcripts of academic record (in English or with English translation);
        • motivation/statement of purpose (in English);
        • two letters of recommendation;
      • Attach the following documents along with the application form
      • Email the copy of the application formĀ  supporting documents listed in 4(a) to 4(e) to:



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