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Moving Beyond Boundaries

Moving Beyond Boundaries

Education, perhaps more than any other discipline is global in its nature, scope and impact. With the advent of globalization and different countries coming together to promote global citizen, conventional boundaries of the past have been erased. There are no boundaries to the pursuit of knowledge at SRM.

SRM University presents an opportunity to experience the global education. The University sponsors advanced learning for interested students, through its links with foreign universities - helping them experience an international education and a different culture - thereby raising their caliber to be at par with the best in the world. This exposure would help them to learn a variety of things. Our students excel in academics both in and out of the campus. Students of SRM University who avail this opportunity will acquire an enriched experience.

SRM Academy for International Programs (AIP)

SRM Academy for International Program (AIP) is the new age torchbearer of innovative educational concepts, which widens the scope of educational opportunity and access for students. This concept gives the student community a wide range of choice to learn and assimilate, to unfurl the intricate concepts of the subjects of various program through a well-made and meticulously executed academic rigour.

It provides a unique opportunity to engineering undergraduates to secure a degree from a pool of world's best universities. It offers an opportunity for the students to live, interact and learn in two different cultural environments.

SRM University works closely with leading universities around the world to offer an affordable way of getting an internationally recognised qualification. In response to enquiries from parents and students across the country for (i) Twining (Transfer) Degree overseas (ii) Dual Degree overseas, AIP is well positioned to offer such programs in collaboration with world's best universities across the world.




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