Requirements to SAP

Minimum requirements
  • The student should have secured CGPA of not less than 8.0 upto the last semester for which the results are declared and available.
  • The students should not have any standing arrears as on the date of submission of application for SAP. The status of arrear will be considered based on the official data available with the university and consideration will not be given on the presumption that the status of the student is bound to change in future.
  • Should have completed two full years in undergraduate or one full year in masters programme.
  • Undergone additional training, apart from that offered in SRM, in the language of the country the student proposes to do the SAP.
  • Have a valid passport at the time of interview for SAP by SRM.
  • Have a good score in TOEFL, SAT, IELTS etc.



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